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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the …

YooouuuTuuube – puts youtube videos on LSD.

Kiss shreds – "The P.I.S.S is by far the most together group in the show biz" and togtehr really is the word. [via b3ta]

The Eurovision Song Contest's silliest entries – "From a man in a superman outfit to Macedonian cock rock, this year's Eurovision contenders are more ridiculous than ever. Paul MacInnes picks his favourites" i lol’ed at some of these videos.

Very funny Chinese wow video – drinking and fighting real world adventures with a world of warcraft interface.

Lo que hace falta es Jama! (EL ORIGINAL!) – "Cuba Tiene Hambre" has also spawned many a reggaeton fan remix. People are loading the audio clip onto phones as a ringtone, too. In the video, a "regular guy" identified as Pánfilo on the streets of Cuba is basically saying "What Cuba needs right now is FOOD. Cuba is HUNGRY." [via bb]

Hugo Chávez: Eat the Rich – "In this video clip which is making the viral rounds in the Spanish-speaking online world, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez says "The rich are not human, they are animals in human form.""

Obama is a popstar. And he is very good at it. – "Word up. — But all this makes me think, how different the political role is. Being funny is part of being an american president. Maybe european politicans should copy that. If they can. Is the role of a politician in europe so different? Or is it the job – and intelligent and funny people rather go somewhere else? Hm. " i have nothing to add to that, mrs. bunz.

schmooze and abuse

Bogost Releases Guru Meditation to iPhone, Atari 2600 – "The iPhone offers a unique opportunity for a true relaxation game, since it makes such constant demands on our attention—telephone, email, text messages, Twitter, etc. Guru Meditation for iPhone literally makes it impossible to pursue other activities while playing. As such, it offers a convenient secondary commentary on the often overwhelming values of "connection" that today's portable communication devices embrace." the game you beat by doing absolutely nothing.

Quasi O : Poupe & Soso: des poupées et de la Soso – we think this knitted digital wristwatch is awesome. but the knitter activist has some other great ideas on her blog. – the web highlighter – "markkit is a web2.0 text highlighter. Drag'n'Drop the markkit yellow pen into your browser toolbar. Whenever you want to highlight text in a web page, click on the markkit bookmarklet." [via swissmiss]

Cocaine and LSD found in air of Spanish cities – "Spanish scientists have discovered traces of cocaine and LSD in the air in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona." no wonder they be trippin.

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic – "For the first time on PlayStation Network, we have partnered with Sprint to bring you the PSN exclusive game, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, for FREE in the U.S. store. That’s right. The game is free to download this week." US only? testing in a few minutes …

Beautiful Steve Jobs Portrait Made of Classic Apple Typefaces – "Artist Dylan Roscover did this amazing job recreating a famous Steve Jobs picture using Apple's classic typefaces, used since its beginning in the 70s. The most significant thing, however, is the message in it:"

Ban Fast Food Near Schools – "A recent study correlates the proximity of fast food to schools with the obesity of students."

Google unveils 'smarter search' – "Web giant Google has unveiled new products that it says will push search in a new direction. Google is using so-called semantic web technology to leverage the underlying data on websites to enhance results." – or: or: by jodi me thinks

France Passes “Three Strikes” Anti-Piracy Law – "The controversial French HADOPI anti-piracy law was passed by the National Assembly today, one step closer to being signed into action. The new law introduces draconian measures to combat piracy including a “three strikes” regime for persistent offenders."

Loo & Placido 'Electronic Popstar Killers' (New MixTape) – (Zip File = Mp3 + Tracklist) "Loo & Placido presents 'Electronic popstar Killers', their brand new party mix featuring 2 hours of exclusive mash-ups, remixes, Re-edits and covers [S]mashing today's hottest Electro, Rave, Fidget and Ghetto Bangers with some of the greatest Rock, Hip-Hop, Disco and Punk hits ever ! " these guys eat Girl Talk before breakfast! must-have mashup mix.

Web murderer given life sentence – "A man from Germany has been jailed for life for stabbing a Nottingham student 86 times after stalking his girlfriend." – "Spreading the Awkwardness"

Apple Rejects iPhone BitTorrent App – "Citing copyright infringement concerns, Apple won’t include a BitTorrent client in the App Store." but of course they would …

Lick to Experience – "This website/blog is ruled by 7 individuals who besides being addicted to pornography are also creative beings who enjoy taking photographs, drawing, doing computer stuff, music or things alike."

Subversive Fair — Subversiv Messe – "As the first trade fair for counter culture and resistance technology the Subversive Fair presents recent projects/actions/works …and poses questions: which inventions make resistance easier? Which ideas undermine the system? Where are revolutionary forces lurking? What can we do to successfully dissolve hegemonies?" wish i'd known about this earlier.

Vegan wants ILVTOFU on license plate. 2BAD, state says. – "Fearing the vanity plate could be misinterpreted in an offensive manner, Colorado officials put the request on a list of banned letter combinations. The ACLU has entered the fray." i love TOFU as well. yeh, both meanings.

swiss corner

Wirtschaftskrise: Schweiz will Einwanderung aus Deutschland bremsen – "Wegen Rekordeinwanderung und steigender Arbeitslosigkeit denkt die Schweizer Regierung über einen Einwanderungstopp nach – für Deutsche und andere EU-Bürger." or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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