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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

has apple gone mad?

Apple rejects e-book reader app over Kama Sutra – "Apple cites access to the Kama Sutra as the reason for rejection, despite the fact that the text must be manually added by the user." apple should probably stop selling computers as well, because i might download pr0n with them. but seriously … chill the fook out apple.

Minipops app rejected again – "The Minipops app has been rejected AGAIN. This time it has become a little clearer that it's the images that they have a problem with. I am flabbergasted. And I'm fucking angry." no really, apple, come on …

Top 10 Banned iPhone Apps – "Developing an iPhone App? Here’s what not to do:" and the south park app is even missing on that list. but here’s hope:

Want to fool Apple’s App Store? – "Despite Apple’s reputation for being a notorious gatekeeper with its iPhone App Store, there’s a way to sneak in content such as porn, profanity or potentially malicious code, with no hacking required: Easter eggs."

online video killed the …

Spoof Queen Broadcast #1 – "I made the original test version of this over christmas and this was made in about late april. How annoyed was I to see the same technique used on the MeeBox pilot? lol" dog lovers, dont watch this. dog haters, do.

Illusion – "the coolest optical illusion you will ever see!" it is way way cool. but the coolest?

The REAL Andy Kaufman – "And that's the way it goes!"

Sorry I'm Late – artsy stop motion short. [via sis]

Leaked: first video of Ico/Shadow of the Colossus creators' Trico – "Take that as you will as I post the video above, which — until Sony officially announce it themselves — I can't be 100 percent sure is legitimate, but suffice it to say jives with everything I know about the game so far. " want.

Outsource – "If your times are hard, then it's time for hard times with ze frank. "

Premier dj battle de l'histoire – the first DJ battle ever…

schmooze and abuse

LOLFATCATS – "Fatcat bankers and MPs stealing our hard-earned cash isn't actually that funny. But perhaps we can haz LOLZ at their expense(s)?" [via b3ta]

KANYEFY Bookmarklet – "WE ALL KNOW THAT YEEZY RANTS ARE THE GREATEST, RIGHT????? NOW MAKE EVERY WEB PAGE A KAYNE RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a much needed bookmarklet. [via b3ta]

Screen Addiction – "We are a society in the grips of a widespread screen addiction. Many of us spend upwards of eight hours a day staring at a screen. We carry video capable iPods, Internet savvy BlackBerrys and graphically stunning portable game machines. We steal glances at these little screens throughout the day and then tuck them back into our pockets and return our gaze to the big screens sitting on our desks. In order to relax, we plop ourselves in front of a widescreen TV. We spend more time making eye contact with our screens than with our neighbors."

Aesthetic Pollution and the Soul of Design – "Just as farmers are the keepers of land, we designers are the keepers of mindscape. We must nurture it and care for it and make sure that there will always be wilderness, diversity and freedom there."

Accused Palin Hacker Says Stolen E-Mails Were Public Record – "A lawyer for the Tennessee college student charged with hacking into the Alaska governor’s Yahoo e-mail account last year says his client couldn’t have violated Palin’s privacy because a judge had already declared her e-mails a matter of public record."

Braid – "Explore the human condition and manipulate time in the lush, painterly world of Braid, a puzzle-platformer that takes you from a house in the city on a journey through a series of worlds to solve puzzles and rescue the princess." the game finally ported to Mac.

AUTO. SUEÑO Y MATERIA – Artificial traffic jam in the mountains – "In 2005, Maider López bought advertising space in the press, he had leaflets distributed and posters glued on walls. His objective was to invite car drivers to come and create an artificial traffic jam on the slopes of the Aralar mountains in the North of Spain. On the 18th of September 2005, 160 cars (with approximately 425 people) joined the jam from 11am. until 3pm." great idea.

Subversiv Messe: Seid brav, bleibt subversiv! – "Subversive Romantik: Die Subversiv Messe in der schwarzen Halle am Linzer Hafen" nice report [german only] for the rest of us who could not make it.

Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse Team Up With David Lynch – "You can order the book, sans music, from the official Dark Night Of The Soul Web site. In the meantime, you can hear the entire album here on NPR Music as an Exclusive First Listen."

Danger Mouse to release blank CD – "Music producer Danger Mouse is to release a blank CD, after record label EMI reportedly cancelled his new album."

Scarlett – "We don’t remember silent films being so great!"

tetris.jpg – tetris in architecture.

Man tries to rob store using a banana – "And the deputy said, 'Ah hah! He ate the evidence,'" Mabe said. "But we had the banana peel and they took a picture of it." alternative ending: he robs the store, runs away, slips on the banana peel, dead.

OTAKU PLAY – "Otaku Magazine is an independent platform that promote the visual art, from national and international artists, an opportunity for them to manifest in various areas (graphic, comic strips, illustration, painting, design, fashion, video, toys and accessories), under the influences of the Japanese entertainment (manga, anime, music, movie, new media, new technologies, etc.) and other artistic currents." from romania!

swiss focus

Lopetz von Buro Destruct im Interview – "Aus unserer Sicht sind T-Shirts wandelnde Plakate auf der Strasse. Ein kurzer optischer Blitz, den man sehr schnell wahrnimmt. Rein dekorative T-Shirts sind schön zuhause zum Kuscheln."

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