ruff linkage 200922

teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

this weeks bestest

Meme Scenery – "So I had this silly idea to isolate the backgrounds from famous Internet memes, removing all the subjects from every photo or video. I'm pretty happy with the results." genius.

online video killed the …

The Bloody Apprentice – "A quick word of warning first – it’s a little bit smutty, so if you watch it at work, one of you will get fired." apprentice video mashup by cassetteboy.

One Line on the Sopranos – the legendary actor who had one line on the sopranos.

Two Girls and a Piano – nothing to do with Two Girls and a Cup.

'WE ARE ONE' FC Barcelona – epic.

Barcelona Hymn on balalaika – "I'm playing FCBarcelona hymn "Tot el camp" on balalaika. "

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn't know about orgasm – ""Bonk" author Mary Roach delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious."

schmooze and abuse

Pick the Perp – "Booking mug shots and related information is gathered from arrest records from open sheriff's web sites in the United States of America. Those appearing here have not been convicted of the arrest charge and are presumed innocent. Do not rely on this site to determine any person's actual criminal record." thankfully, it is very hard to pick the criminal.

Humor: Schadenfreude And The MMO Conundrum – "I found myself slightly offended-but then he offered me three million dollars." great story how a venture capitalist contacts german game developers schadenfreude to develop a MMO.

Popular and Unique Soft Drinks From Around the World – "Placenta 400000 – From Nihon Shokuten's line of placenta products, comes this drink made of swine placenta. All in the name of beauty." oh come on, swine placenta? great list tho, oddly enough Rivella is missing, the swiss soft drink made of milk serum, i kid you not.

AudioBoo – the iPhone audio blogging app.

Conference Board of Canada admits that its publicly funded, plagiarized, biased copyright "research" is junk – "The Conference Board of Canada, a Canadian think-tank that was caught regurgitating a US lobby-group's press materials in a tax-funded report on the Digital Economy, has withdrawn its copyright-related reports" this has nothing whatsoever to do with my favorite electronic music band borads of canada.

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology – "In an unprecedented effort to crack down on self-serving edits, the Wikipedia supreme court has banned contributions from all IP addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology and its associates."

Why Does My Body Do That? – "Whether uncomfortable, embarrassing or just plain weird, there are some pretty funky things that our bodies do."

Cover Story: Finger Painting – "Jorge Colombo drew this week’s cover using Brushes, an application for the iPhone, while standing for an hour outside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square."

Twitter to 'launch own TV series' – "The show will use the social networking site as the basis for interactive competitions, involving celebrities and Twitter users." hmmm

Woman Calls 911 To Give Cop Her Number, 911 Calls – "Operator: Okay and ma’am what do you need the officer to do? Do you have another noise complaint? Woman: …honey I’m just going to be honest with you okay, I just thought he was cute. I’m 45 years old and I’d like to meet him again." prime podcast material.

The Man Who Sues – "Despite being incarcerated at a federal prison in Kentucky, Jonathan Lee Riches has made it into the Guiness Book of World Records. He was named as the person who has filed the most lawsuit ever. So what did he do next? He filed a lawsuit against the folks at Guinness!" let’s hope he won’t sue me for posting this.

Germany bans cola after drug test – "The authorities in six German states have ordered retailers to stop selling Red Bull Cola energy drinks after traces of cocaine were found in it." how on earth did that happen?

i'm on your keyboard, watching you fap – lolcat.

Hither Eucalyptus! – "Earlier today I received a phone call from an Apple representative. He was very complimentary about Eucalyptus. We talked about the confusion surrounding its App Store rejections, which I am happy to say is now fully resolved."

Deny This, – " didn’t hand user data over to the RIAA. According to our source, it was their parent company, CBS, that did it."

german – "Deutschland steht vor entscheidenden Umwälzungen. Am Freitag, den 8. Mai 2009, haben wir einen Thesen-Anschlag auf den Deutschen Bundestag verübt. Wir haben 10 Thesen ans Hauptportal (West) des Deutschen Bundestages angeschlagen und anschliessend die Warteschlange vor dem Deutschen Bundestag zu Heldinnen und Helden vereidigt." [via rebel:art]

swiss focus

Blog Digitale Nachhaltigkeit | Begleitblog zur Parlamentarischen Gruppe – "Begleitblog zur Parlamentarischen Gruppe"

In Quiet Switzerland, Politically Outspoken Rapper Takes On the Far Right – "Blocher’s Switzerland is people in the mountains making cheese,” he said. “But you also have a Switzerland where people struggle to make ends meet. His party doesn’t represent the Switzerland where I grew up, which is made up of people who came to build the country, literally to build its buildings and streets. The Swiss People’s Party campaigns by using Osama bin Laden in posters about the threat of immigration. For me this is just unfair."

Swiss create electric super car for Le Mans – "Lining up in the grid for the 2011 24hours of Le Mans race could be "the most powerful and cutting edge electric race car ever built"."

Red Hat Sues Switzerland Over Microsoft Monopoly – "£8 million a year to Microsoft, with no public bidding. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, say open source activists" – die seite zur letzten giacobbo/müller sendung, cybersquatting oder ein schlauer witzeschreiber der srg? or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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