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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

must-have of the week

Warp20 (Box Set) – Details and Preorder – "To commemorate our 20th anniversary, we will release a deluxe special-edition of music and art, titled Warp20 (Box Set)." this, my dear friends, is what is called a must have.

online video killed the …

DEADLINE post-it stop motion – "Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline."

Hardcore Tetris Orgy – Uncensored! – "You'll never look at Tetris the same way again!"

The Simpsons Minus The Simpsons – with all the characters of the simpsons family edited out frame by frame. [via waxy]

End Times – "Jason Jones visits the the New York Times' offices to find out why the last of a dying breed prefers aged news to real news." as usual jason jones delivered one of the highlights on last weeks daily show.

The Best Christopher Walken Impressions on YouTube – "The actor, who was born in Queens but sounds like as if were raised on Planet Flooboort (where, of course, all citizens speak in a stuttered, vowel-heavy drawl) has earned him plenty of admirers, especially since his ubiquitous hosting gigs on SNL, the most famous of which made "More Cowbell" a treasured national utterance."

Star Trek Meets Monty Python – kinda funny but not too sure.

Shooting Twats – "Fuck politics, let's dance!"

Nobody – "A Korean guy dancing to the song Nobody by The Wonder Girls. Stay with it- it gets better. "

Jonathan Harris: the Web's secret stories – "Jonathan Harris wants to make sense of the emotional world of the Web. With deep compassion for the human condition, his projects troll the Internet to find out what we're all feeling and looking for."

HardTimes :: Hole [VIDEO] – "show me your hole." i'll show you mine.

schmooze and abuse

three frames – animated gifs using just 3 frames from movies to stunning effect. [via b3ta]

Mind-Melting Demo Disasters – "We're an indie label digging through years of demo backlogs day by day. These are some of the choicest gems we've received." [via b3ta]

Banksy pulls off his most audacious stunt yet… a secret exhibition in Bristol museum – "Banksy has pulled off his most daring stunt yet by staging his biggest-ever British exhibition in complete secrecy. The covert graffiti artist snuck into Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery and replaced many of the artefacts on display there with 100 pieces of his own work, including a burnt-out ice-cream van."

Experts warn of porn Mac attacks – "Security experts have discovered two novel forms of Mac OS X malware. OSX/Tored-A – an updated version of the Mac OS Tored worm – and a Trojan called OSX/Jahlav-C were both found on popular pornographic websites." luckily i never ever visit porn sites. no really.

Thank you Mr. Schwarzenegger. Or why the Internet is a medium, not a vacuum cleaner – "Sometimes I get the feeling that normally intelligent people are disconnected from their brain if you mention to them the word „internet“. Like the internet is a red cloth you wave in front of a bull. Intelligence? Gone. Logic? Vanished. Aggression? Here we go." mercedes bunz as lucid as ever. and in english mind you.

A Whole New World? On the 53rd Venice Biennale – "Perhaps art can be one way out of a world ruled by leveling impulses and dull sameness. Can each artwork be a principle of hope and an intriguing plan for escape? Behind the immediate surface we are many – together and individually, through the multiplicity of imaginative worlds we hold within." spolier alert, nah, just joking.

'DJs buy music on stolen cards' – "It's alleged the gang put their own music on Apple iTunes and Amazon and spent about £459,000 buying it back – claiming nearly £200,000 in royalties." brilliant idea, sorry they got caught.

Rushkoff on "The Great Facebook Land Grab of Aught-Nine" – "At one minute past midnight Eastern Time this Saturday, Facebook users will be permitted to claim a unique user name, which may well spark a virtual vanity landgrab the likes of which we've never seen. Author and former BB guestblogger Douglas Rushkoff says this is the moment when Facebook becomes obsolete" but! i haz, nah nah nah nah. but, i also haz gay name, huh.

Online communities, etc. – "I will be tuning out of the social networking sites because at the end of the day it's now doing more harm than good in the bigger picture and the experiment seems to have yielded a result. Idiots rule." been there.

Largest Bankruptcies – visualizing huge bankruptcies via neat infographic.

The Cure for iPhone Envy: The story behind the doubleTwist ad – "For our “The Cure for iPhone Envy” ad campaign we leased the window on the BART exit outside the SF Apple Store. Our contract with BART’s ad agency specified that the ad would go up on Monday morning, the day of the WWDC keynote. However, the ad agency jumped the gun and our ad went up on Friday the weekend before. Shortly after the ad was put up, it was ripped down by a BART employee." [via bb]

The G2 weekly recipe: Rhubarb and apple turnovers – "Perfect for tea time, or as a pudding with ice-cream … "

Top 10 Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument – "1. “I don’t see what’s so bad about DRM!”" that’s the one that finally launched me into nerd rage.

World record for most people dressed as Smurfs in Swansea – "The world record for the largest number of people dressed as Smurfs has been smashed in Swansea." well, that sure puts swansea on the map, innit.

ASCII-O-Matic : SUBPOP RECS – "Sub Pop Cybersex Digital Sampler (2009) Toon <– (cool! not a virus)" i dare you.

On Twitter, Most People Are Sheep: 80 Percent Of Accounts Have Fewer Than 10 Followers – "Let’s face it, most people are sheep. It is much easier to follow than to lead, and on Twitter it is no different." oh good, i am not alone.

Sweden's Pirate Party wins EU seat – "The Pirate Party isn't related to the Pirate Bay torrent site, but it wants to legalise internet file-sharing and protect people's privacy on the net"


etoy ohne CEO: Wildnis in- und extern – "Die Kunstaktiengesellschaft hat ab sofort keinen CEO mehr, stattdessen wird ein Triumvirat die Geschäfte führen: Dazu gehören Ex-CEO Zai sprich Agent Zai, Agent Monorom und Agent Haefliger. Die andere Neuigkeit: etoy geschäftet weiter." etoy no longer has a CEO but now has 3 agents leading business officers. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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