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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the …

the rolling stones are back – rolling stones video with made up lipsynch audio, funny!!! [via b3ta]

Little Rock Gods – "For the most part, humans are slow learners. The only animals that take longer to learn how to walk are fish. But there's one thing that all of these other over-achieving little critters can't do…and that's ROCK! Sure you're a cute kitten, but can you play a Johnny Cash cover? These videos of little kids playing rock music will make you proud to be a person." do check the last one, purple haze! except the fat dude messes it up with the acoustic guitar solo.

Brüno's So-Called 'Terrorist' Speaks Out – "In this TIME exclusive interview, Ayman Abu Aita says he was exploited in the Bruno movie and tells his side of the story" when humor heads into a cultural crash.

Drei Klavierstücke op. 11 – "Recently I took a few months of my free time and decided to recreate Arnold Schoenberg's 1909 op. 11 Drei Klavierstücke (aka Three Piano Pieces) by editing together videos of cats playing pianos downloaded from Youtube." i would prefer it if it was not an atonal music piece. can’t be done? [via waxy]

Wojciech Kosma Blow Job 8 – girl giving a blow job to a mic. there are 8 in total. [via vvork]

Duetto buffo di due gatti – boys sing like cats and cats pretend to be boys. [via neatorama]

schmooze and abuse

Cory Doctorow: Chris Anderson's Free adds much to The Long Tail, but falls short – "The economics of 'free' goods and services cannot be explained in terms of the marketplace, digital or otherwise – humans are more complicated than that" yeh yeh cory.

The three biggest reasons music magazines like Vibe and Blender are dying. – "1. There are fewer superstars, and the same musicians show up on every magazine cover.
2. Music mags have less to offer music lovers, and music lovers need them less than ever anyway.
3. Music magazines were an early version of social networking. But now there's this thing called "social networking" … " and i found this on the de-bug blog.

If the Twitter community was 100 people… – "Some interesting stats about the much-trumpeted Twitter community – visualized!"

How to make kombucha – "Why do I drink it? Because it's fun to make and the flavor is almost addictive. The benefits outweigh the risks, at least for me. Here's how I make it." must try this at home 😉

I Heart Street Art: San Francisco's Character-Driven Graffiti – "Graffiti is something that's done on the spot, with the traditional tools. Street art is generally premeditated. It's done in the studio and brought to the street" why did i quote that??? too obvious a statement.

Eco-Crafting With Toilet Paper Rolls That Make You Smile – "Artist Junior Fritz Jacquet makes toilet paper rolls art […] He too puts my toilet paper roll binoculars to shame. To do it he crumbles and folds toilet paper rolls until they look back at him in, happiness, disgust, anger, sadness and so on." i think i found a new hobby.

The app economy – "iPhone apps could soon be bigger than YouTube. But who is making all the money here? Apple, the developers, or no one at all?"

Milan Announces the World’s Largest Solar Rooftop Array – "Recently Italy’s Milano Fiera trade fair facility announced that it will soon be getting a major eco update in the form of the world’s largest solar rooftop solar array!"

Panda Bread – "The original recipe is from an Asian website called Taro Taro, luckily for those of us who can’t read the site, was kind enough to post a translation." must try this at hime part 2 😉 [via neatorama]

The new offenders of standup comedy – "This is not an unruly seminar on racism, but comedy, 2009-style. It's a world where all the bigotries and the misogyny you thought had been banished forever from mainstream entertainment have made a startling comeback." racism is cool again. bloody sad. but we knew that.

4Chan attacked, not censored – "Despite cries of censorship, internet messageboard 4Chan was blocked by AT&T and other ISPs because internet users were caught in the crossfire in attack against it" blah

AT&T Blocks 4chan – Encyclopedia Dramatica – "What is a /b/tard without his /b/? A shell of his former self! On July 26th, /b/tards connecting to the internets via AT&T began reporting blocked access to (/b/ and /r9k/) in many areas of the country. Tinfoil hats were put on and a grave conspiracy was discovered."

AT&T blocks 4chan – "Reports are spreading that AT&T is now blocking’s «/b/»-section. "

Cutthroat Capitalism: The Game – "You are a pirate commander staked with $50,000 from local tribal leaders and other investors. Your job is to guide your pirate crew through raids in and around the Gulf of Aden, attack and capture a ship, and successfully negotiate a ransom." when i saw this article in wired i did think the graphics would lend themselves to become a video game. and here it is. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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