vegetarian recipes with sage

sage - magical herb

sage, the kitchen herb, has a really unique flavor, that i absolutely love. yet while there are many meat and some fish recipes that use sage, for vegetarians the options seem rather limited – or so i thought – pasta with butter and sage was all that came to mind. this year, however, i discovered a few other recipes, that use this very special herb.

[all these recipes use fresh green sage. never tried the, with the dried herb]

salbei müsli – sage mice (this is a recipe from zurich, switzerland)

create a batter the way you like it. we use flour, oil, soymilk, salt, pepper, no extra spices, trying to keep it as simple as possible.
take the biggest sage leaves you can find, clean them, leave a good stem on the leaf – this will be the “tail” of the mice ^^.
turn the leaf in the batter, fry till golden brown on both sides in olive oil. enjoy!

sage pesto

instead of basil, use sage and parsley for your pesto – 50/50 – parsley is added mostly to tone the sage flavor down just a little, but don’t worry sage will still be the dominating flavor. we only use olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan in our pesto. garlic might be a little too strong for this mixture. but give it a try, if garlic is your thing.

(we ate this at by pietro leemann’s fantastic restaurant joia in milano. in one of his books we also discovered a version that uses celery leaves. we tried that as well and it’s amazing as well)

bean paste with sage

take very ripe green beans, open the pods and take out the beans.
cook till soft in milk, we use soymilk, which works fine.
in a bowl add the soft beans, splash with some olive oil, add salt, pepper and some sage. blend.
this paste works well on foccacia, bruschette or toast.

(this recipe is from one of vour cook books, but i can’t currently find which, will update it later)

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