ban nordic walking!

has this ever happened to you? (and if it has not happened yet, trust me it will) you are sitting somewhere in nature enjoying the quiet. along comes a pack of nordic walkers, clonk clonk clonk, slamming their batons (poles) onto rocks and other things, and there goes the quiet. its not a loud noise per se, but an annoying one, metal on rock. and of course the walkers also have to talk louder in order to override the noise their gear makes.

nordic walking sucks any way you cut it, people look stupid, not to say ridiculous, they are loud and annoying, i dunno. just stop. please?

sure, a ban wouldn’t work. just trying to grab your attention there, did it work? but if there ever was a lifestyle fad that i wished would just go away, it was this. well, kickboarding as well. but there is no hope, people will pick up any fad, no matter how idiotic it may be.

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