with all the huge LABELS written all over them, underwear for men has become a real problem. and if you speak several languages things are much worse. a german comedian once rightly said, that the word KLEIN – klein in german means little – has no right to be written anywhere near his best friend. so CALVIN KLEIN is outta the question. now i am not homophobic! but HOM is just one letter short of homo and the horizontal bracket is sort of suspicious too. SWEET as in italian: DOLCE is not how i’d describe my dong either, so strike DOLCE & GABBANA from the list of possibilities. [maybe CATIVO?] and the same goes for SKINNY and SLOGGI. DIESEL? nah! [diesel engines are loud and stinky. maybe KEROSEN or even FUEL would be more elegant?]
so you see my problem…
now if they’d changeEMPORIO ARMANI to EMPEROR ARMED we could start discussing… ZAKK is not half-bad. and HUGO BOSS would work, if i could customize it to my first name. there is one german brand called SCHIESSER, which translates to SHOOTER in english, but i’d much prefer STECHER – which i can’t translate – to be honest.
but we would like to see more humerous brands like: HOT DOG or WILLY or THIS WAY with an arrow pointing down. or how about just plain fabric? like in the good old days …. [god am i getting old…]

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