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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the …

Hilarious New iPhone Commercial – "New York artist Adam Sacks brings us his twisted and hilarious new commercial parody based on Apple's current iPhone campaign." howto use the iPhone to stalk your ex-girlfriend.

Linux Baby Rocker – "Baby rocked to sleep by CD rom tray on computer." nerd dad alert! [via b3ta]

dascottjr's Channel – the literal video dude. brilliant! especially the bonnie tyler song: total eclipse etc. asf.

16: Moments – "Radiolab presents: Moments by Will Hoffman. This films is a celebration of life that was inspired by David Eagleman's book, Sum." [via ze frank]

8-bit trip – "1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them." stop motion 8 bit lego mania.

schmooze and abuse

MIDGET MYSTERY – "The world of Mexican midget wrestling was rocked to its tiny foundations this week, when a pair of pint-sized, twin performers were murdered — apparently by poison-wielding hookers they met in a sleazy bar." the story is old, but amazing enough to mention for those of us who may have missed it…

Snail mail gets net speed boost – "The internet has revolutionised the speed at which people communicate. Now the Swiss postal service is hoping to do the same for regular snail mail. The company offers a service called Swiss Post Box to customers wanting to receive their physical letters over the internet." something feel odd with people opening my letters and scanning them.

A musical challenge | The 9 Album – "# I will record 9 brand new songs on 9th Sept 2009 # I will start recording at 9am and the album will be available to download at 9pm (that gives pretty much 1 hour 20 minutes to record, mix and master each song) # All the songs will be written in the first 9 days of September" number 9, anyone?

Wooster Collective: Seen On The Streets Of Montevideo, Uruguay – and i bet they insult eachother with “zip your house”.

Depression's Evolutionary Roots – "depression should not be thought of as a disorder at all. In an article recently published in Psychological Review, we argue that depression is in fact an adaptation, a state of mind which brings real costs, but also brings real benefits." oh good, this is going somewhere…

Nokia N900 official, uses Linux to 'kill' iPhone – "The promised N900 is a crossover between smartphones and Nokia's Internet tablets, and makes its biggest break in its change of operating system: although still a phone, the handset runs Nokia's latest Linux variant, not Symbian." tempted.

Breaking The Industry Rules. Radiohead, NIN, …Korn? – "Everyone is trying to find the best way to release music and with digital distribution leveling the playing field, has Korn figured it out?" well, not that groundbreaking, but subscription based music is a good idea.

Upgrade to Snow Leopard – "In this article, we'll walk you through the things you should do before you make the leap to Snow Leopard, and how to go about the actual installation" should i ever do it…

Talk Like Warren Ellis – "This page randomly generates a Warren Ellis-like greeting based on his tweets. All respect and credit for the words here should be given directly to him, we just thought it would be funny to do this. Please don’t destroy us, Mr. Ellis." and warren ellis’ reaction? he hates them and slags them off on his blog.

Zucchini Hummus – “Hummus is always a staple for me. I am so pleased with this raw version. I eat it with raw veggies and apples or on raw bread and in sandwiches or salads.” soon on my table!

The tragedy of Craigslist? That it doesn't fit – "Along the way, other questions come up: How much money does it make? What is the secret of its success? Why are its leaders so disdainful of money?" i had the same reaction when reading the wired article.

Drop that BlackBerry! Multitasking may be harmful – "Ever find yourself chatting via instant messaging while checking your e-mail and surfing the Web? Well, don't pat yourself on the back for your super-productive behavior. A new study suggests that people who often do multiple tasks in a variety of media — texting, instant messaging, online video watching, word processing, Web surfing, and more — do worse on tests in which they need to switch attention from one task to another than people who rarely multitask in this way." sluggish brain alert.

Paralyzed Graffiti Writer Tags Again With 'EyeWriter' Design – "Since 2003, Quan has had Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disorder that renders its sufferers largely paralyzed, while allowing them full use of their minds and eyes. As they hated to see their comrade incapable of any longer writing his tag, TEMPTONE, they gathered in Southern California this month to come up with a solution."

we make words – simple and beautiful. just what it says on the tin. [via swissmiss]

Defiant Pirate Bay Crew Evokes Churchill – "But the Bay is back, apparently hosted by the Stockholm-based DCP Networks, which is owned by convicted Pirate Bay financier Frederic Neij. At the top of the site, in place of the usual pirate-ship logo, there’s now a black crew-neck shirt reading, “I spent months of time and millions of dollars to close down The Pirate Bay and all I’ll get is this beautiful t-shirt.”"

The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities (Updated) – "Following the earlier court defeat for Fredrik, Gottfrid and Peter and the pending civil action taken by several Hollywood studios, the Swedish authorities have now ordered The Pirate Bay to be disconnected from the Internet. The site’s bandwidth suppliers have been threatened with a large fine. The site is completely offline."

Little big planets – "Dizzy Rascal used them in his video for Bonkers and their Flickr group has nearly 3,000 members. Polar panoramas – in which a 360º panorama is stitched together from multiple shots, and then turned back on itself to produce a circle – are on the rise." when impressed i am, like yoda i speak.

Flickr v. Free Speech. Where Is Their Courage? – "Flickr really stepped in it this time. And they’ve sparked a free speech and copyright fascism debate that is unlikely to cool down any time soon."

Early Risers Are Mutants – "Don't hate those people who are perky and efficient after only a few hours of sleep. They can't help it. New research suggests that a genetic mutation may explain why some people sleep less." i knew i was a mutant all along. was i also adopted? or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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