ars electronica 2009 – human nature

getting ready for my yearly trip to linz to visit ars electronica. this will be my last visit, my tenth in a row. in fact i already wanted to call it after my last visit, but since this year linz is also cultural capital of europe, i decided to add another year.

the conference theme, human nature, does not grab me instantly. i like the wordplay, switching human nature, an expression commonly used to describe behavior based on our human predicament, upside down to mean nature dominated by humans. but i am sure it will be very interesting. as usual i go there with an open mind to see what will inspire me. and i am sure there will be a ton of stuff. i want to keep this year blog posts less report-like, but do more small inputs. see how it goes.

in a bout of swine flu paranoia i booked myself a single room on the night train to linz. it cost me a bundle, but i will so enjoy having my own space and to be able to store the foldable bicycle in there. next input from linz.

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