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today i visited a bunch of art openings and trust me, i wanted to write about them. but so far nothing has really exited me. i am drawing an almost complete blank here. it’s probably me, i may just be going through a grumpy, jaded phase.

one project that did amuse me was Opera Calling
by swiss !Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH) and Sven König (DE), winner of an award of distinction i the category interactive art. i don’t think i am being chauvinistic here and just plugging my fellow citizens. it really is a fun, subversive idea. i guess that’s also where my problem lies with most other works, i tend to get exited mostly about politically subversive art these days. from the project website:

«Opera Calling» – is an artistic intervention into the cultural system of the Zurich Opera. By means of an unknown number of audio bugs placed within the auditorium of the local opera house, the outside public is given access to the performances on stage. The performances are retransmitted to the public not through broadcasting, but by telephoning each person individually.

the new as electronca center via mist

the new ars electronica center is very impressive. it is exactly as a friend told me, i so would have enjoyed a museum like this nearby when i was a kid.

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