ars electronica 2009 – human nature – cloud

Cloud – the sample is from the richard linklater movie SubUrbia; we are hearing steve zahn and i believe parker posey.

#arscloud – twitter messages from the listeners in the room are projected onto a screen. not to be confused with #arschloud.

lets see if the cloud can solve my sleep situation 😉

david sasaki @Oso: My slides from #arscloud at Sources of stats from “Social Media Revolution” video here: #ars09

davis sasaki preview of todays cloud intelligence symposium

evgeny morozov’s talk on slacktivism

kristen taylor mentioned this article by cory doctorow on cloud computing during her talk: Not every cloud has a silver lining – There’s something you won’t see mentioned by too many advocates of cloud computing – the main attraction is making money from you #arscloud


a few thoughts on the cloud intelligence symposium

it was all good, i can’t disagree with any of the viewpoints expressed at todays cloud intelligence symposium. but as usual there is not much one can add to preaching-to-the-choir conferences. of course in countries like iran and china where censorship tries to dominate online communication, the power of the internet is undeniable as a tool to share information and to bring people together. but some of the blue eyed enthusiasm that mostly the american speakers expressed struck me as naive. evgeny morozov, who introduced himself as the one having to play the role of the bad cop, actually gave me the most food for thought. he introduced the concept of slacktivism, activism for slackers. clicking yes to join a few causes on facebook does not exactly make for efficient activism. he cited the example of a danish guy who started a bogus cause on facebook and within a few days was able to get 28’000 people to join, before divulging that the whole issue was made up.

one other thing that bothered me has to do with language. it seemed that many people have started to use the expression “cloud” very loosly to cover almost anything that happens online. while this is not too far a stretch content-wise, when used that way the expression “cloud” could get old faster than “web 2.0” was.

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