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Pour la Fete de la Musique, le 21 juin, fais de la musique avec ton blog 😉

some french bloggers have declared today blog your music day, in celebration of music-day.

since other than cybaH_moNk singing horribly i dont make much music these days, here are some music-links for the occasion: read more about this here
filewile: laptop streetmusic rockin the lorrainebad : clicksie 4 biggah pixie

1xtra vid: takes hiphop video to the next level! amazing image/sound synchronisations!

tinymixtapes: this webproject lets you request or post mixtapes to particular themes. some of the requests are quite hilarious, like 77 minutes to accept your failures as an artist (or whatever your aspired vocation may be) and get the hell over it, in a forest, eating mushrooms or masturbate to pictures of your best friend’s mother [which is 15 x simon & garfunkel: “mrs robinson” & 1 x each zwan: “jesus / I” and prince: “come on, berry boy”]

tom combo: slam-poet extraordinaire has put out a cd of his music. 40 tracks of delirious experiments in many musical styles driven by tom’s poetic rants, some swissgerman, most in german. amazing! can be ordered at menschenversand.
on the website we quite liked the kill kombo game – huuuiiii

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