internet under surveillance

reporter ohne grenzen has announced, that various forms of internet censorship are happening in 60 countries all over the world. this may include: the blocking of certain websites – observation of internet cafes – selective license-giving for ISPs – surveillance, intimidation or incarceration of users and/or journalists.
in the list of countries one notices that practically all the countries with a high average of internet users are included: U.S., UK, japan, germany, italy, france, switzerland. the g8-countries are complete! welcome to the free world!

Afghanistan Algeria Australia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Burma Burundi Canada China Cuba Denmark Egypt European institutions France Germany India Iran Iraq Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Laos Liberia Malaysia Maldives Mauritania Morocco Mozambique New Zealand North Korea Oman Pakistan Philippines Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Somalia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Syria Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uzbekistan Vietnam Zimbabwe

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