burning man hits downtown bern

last week in bern/switzerland an iranian political protester set himself on fire. the man did not die, he did however get burned quite seriously. in the days that followed a debate started in switzerland, because the leftist newspaper tagesanzeiger/zurich had printed a foto of this incident on their frontcover. the critics claimed, that this was in bad taste and that images like this should not appear in printed media. in the image used by TA one can clearly make out the agony and pain in the facial expression of the burning man. it is a very strong, haunting image.

i have used a similar image – the one i used is less graphic as far as the facial expression of the man goes – in some foto-manipulations i did: [1] [2] [3] [4].

now i feel insecure. was this in bad taste? hmmm

i did it, because i was fascinated with the intensity of this image. when i first saw it last week my reaction had been very strong. we always read about this type of suicide-mission, usually they are happening somewhere else, most often in israel. then all of a sudden such a thing happens right here, in my hometown. so i tried to imagine this running burning man appearing in random places, on a pristine street corner, while waiting for a bus, at a gas station …

lil dawg sees burning man

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