snipplets 2

winona – u rule! the best part about this whole story was the incredilous look you mustered after hearing the verdict. that was great great acting!!! bravo!

but: don’t forget winona, we always prefered you as a bad girl and were all starting to get really really bored with them goodie good movies you have been making …

in england: mum could not get car started. mum found out that baby boy little oscar had swallowed the car-key-chip. consequently car could only get started after mum had passed little oscar [with chip innit] near the steering wheel.

culinary hackers: some swiss pranksters got into the code of the swiss federal governments website. all they changed however was the name of one old federal counselor. alphons egli [egli = a type of fish] was re-named alphonse egli-filet [egli filet = name of a fish speciality dish]
but now it’s all back to boring normal again…

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