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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

the yes men

YES MEN HONCHO SPRUNG FROM CLINK | The Yes Men – "Balls Across America" direct-action campaign launched NYPD abuse of authority big factor in arrest"

Cops Arrest "Yes Man" Co-Founder in Latest Prank – "Andy Bichlbaum, wearing the giant inflatable orb known as the SurvivaBall, was down by the East River demonstrating its utility as a "self-contained living system" when cops nabbed him and ticketed seven other Yes Men, according to a published report."

New York Post – "According to a high tech study commissioned by a concerned Mayor Bloomberg and generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, climate change caused by human-created greenhouse gases is threatening the health, livelihood, and security of New Yorkers—especially those who take the subway to work." fake new york post on the threat of global warming released by the yes men.

online video killed the …

Baby Dancing to Beyonce – "Cory's favourite music video" possibly the cutest thing ever. [via b3ta]

taxman rx – "an outtake from our upcoming release of obama covering the beatles' taxman. "

Ze Frank Throws a Tea Party – "Ze Frank laments that it's tough to throw a tea party these days, and his little party turns ugly fast" slightly disturbing.

Thom Yorke Adds Sonic Catharsis to Moving My Shining Star – "When former Miracle Legion and Polaris front man Mark Mulcahy’s wife, Melissa, died suddenly in 2008, all-star friends Thom Yorke, Black Francis and more banded together to pull him and his young twin daughters through the earth-shattering tragedy. "

Mr. Hair Hat – the title of the video says it all.

Porn equal Art – "What do George Bush, Paris Hilton and Hugh Hefner have in common? Artist Jonathan Yeo has made porn collages of all of them." [via wooster]

Slow Moscow – "Moscow in slow motion Camera and montage – Andrey Stvolinsky Music – Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble" love it.

Thom Yorke – The Hollow Earth – by Raymond Salvatore Harmon – "This is the official music video for the forthcoming release by Thom Yorke. Subliminal imagery appropriated from Banksy"

schmooze and abuse

"Sleepers" – The Latest Series From Mark Jenkins – "Mark Jenkins' "Sleepers" was done in Winston-Salem NC with the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts"

Colossal Green Volcano Building Rises in Italy – "A jaw-dropping feat of architecture has risen in the Italian city of Nola, just a stone’s throw away from the cataclysmic Mt. Vesuvius. Designed by Renzo Piano, Vulcano Buono is an epic cone-shaped commercial center crowned with a gorgeous sloping green roof." bern’s already impressive renzo piano building, paul klee zentrum, fades next to this.

One chromosome too many | James Maybe – the last supper "this sequence of 5 images portrays Jesus and his 12 disciples as “sufferers” from Down syndrome…" [via b3ta]

One sentence contained within every HTML tag in alphabetical order. – view the source code.

Sumo Suit Athletics World Championships – "Slower, Lower, Weaker! Can't compete with Usain Bolt over 100m? Not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well have no fear, in a Sumo Suit no one can!" good thinking.

Woofer | Macroblogging – "What are you doing? (minimum 1400 characters)" twitter spoof.

Joi Ito talks about Creative Commons, Twitter, and the White House – "Joi Ito, chief executive of Creative Commons, talks about its licensing – and about how Twitter can make money from mobiles. Full transcript of interview."

Google Sidewiki: Danger – "Google just introduced Sidewiki, which enables anyone to comment on a page using Google’s toolbar. I see danger. Google is trying to take interactivity away from the source and centralize it."

Plastic-Bottle Boat to Set Sail Across the Pacific – "David de Rothschild discusses the building of the Plastiki, a catamaran made entirely of recyclable plastics, that he plans to sail across the Pacific Ocean."

Yoga Instructor Fail – from the comments: " Well – I may be wrong… but I only see chicks in that fancy yoga-studio. I think they like it too… Lets say benefit for all!"

The undefeated 2003/04 Arsenal FC team – "The other one was done after my Arsenal-supporting mate John suggested it: looking at the assembly and disassembly of the undefeated 03/04 Arsenal team."

English Premier League history – "A couple of soccer infographics today. First, there's a look at all the teams that are or have been in the (English) Premier League, and which other divisions they've been in during since the 92/93 season."

Subway Yearbook Photos
"For our latest mission, we installed a photography studio on a random subway car. We claimed that the MTA had hired us to take photos of every single person who rides the subway and that we’d be producing a yearbook at the end of the year."

Video games need a more diverse cast of characters – "The survey reveals that males, adults and white people are over-represented in games. Females, black people, children and the elderly are correspondingly under-represented."

Arse Elektronika 2009 – "We may not forget that mankind is a sexual and tool-using species. And that's why our annual conference Arse Elektronika deals with sex, technology and the future."

Break with Tradition : MJ Tribute – "Our tribute to Michael Jackson, ironically, consists of a list of the best covers we’ve found on youtube by average, acoustic artists who decided to cover Michael Jackson as a tribute to his death."

Emoji Dick — Kickstarter – "This project will fund the production, via crowd sourcing, of a never-before-released translation of Herman Melville's classic Moby Dick in Japanese emoji icons."

Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum – "What if you strip down all world’s ads of all those Passenger’s Seat with 4-way Power Adjustment Odyssey Honda Cars and 9.99c Handmade Glycerin Soap Soaps and Free Delivery Books and Free Nights & No-Fee Flights and Last-minute Deals Big Savings Travel Right Now Flights and Counter-High Office Refrigerators and Two 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Nehalem Processors Computers and Titanium Technology Fused Graphite Tennis Racquet Super Sale and Mega Pixel Canon CMOS Sensor Digital High Camera and Leakage Tested Microwaves and 30-Pack Sildenafil Citrate (100mg) Vardenafil (20mg) and Tadalafil (20mg) and Dyson Stowaway Dc20 Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner and Super High Resolution Dynamic Contract Ratio Auto Motion Plus SRS TruSurrount Component Composite S Video PC Inputs TV Set and Megatronix Megalarm Viking & Megapage Automobile & Motorcycle Security & Remote Starter Systems Fantastic Bargains and Sales and and and?" yeh, what if?

Google Releases A Nuke. Apple Won’t Win This Fight. – "There’s no longer any question – either Google or Apple is flat out lying to the FCC"

German Youth Would Vote Pirate Party Into Parliament – "Next week the German Pirate Party will compete in the elections for the German Parliament, but this week the country’s youth already cast their votes. In the youth polls nearly 9% of all votes went to the Pirate Party, a result that the party hopes to match in the upcoming election." go go go german youth.

Lift at home | Lift conference, what can the future do for you? – "Every conference has to become more open, letting external contributions in, reaching to global audiences via online talks. Today's conferences are not conferences, they are communities of people who share the same interests and values." a noble initiative. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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