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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the …

The YES dance – "How to YES." zes queenz…

New Video of the NYSAT – Public Ad Campaign’s New York Street Advertising – the video.

Incredible Time-Lapse Graffiti by Blu and David Ellis – "A masterpiece of a collaboration between Bologna-based street artist and stop-motion painter Blu, and painter, film-maker and music performer David Ellis, COMBO is mesmerising, hands-on time lapse street art the like of which you might not have seen before." i almost fainted so good.

Fight on SF Muni Bus in Chinatown – SFist – "Just another day on Muni… fuc**ng Muni," relents the cameraman shooting this video of a fight between two women on a Chinatown Muni bus.” well, he’s the cunt.

Road Safety: Bleeding Billboard – road sign campaign in new zealand uses bleeding billboards for safer driving. i am not so sure this ain’t a distraction.

schmooze and abuse

Please be patient – This Page is Under Construction! – a collection of "under construction" gifs. [bia b3ta]

Stop Making That Duckface! – "you know that face you make when you're about to take that perfect shot of yourself for myspace? you know, the one where you push your mouth out in that weird combination of a pout and a kissy face make it look like you've got big pouty lips and model-quality cheekbones? it's called "duckface" a worthy mission. or is it? [via b3ta]

They Shoot Porn Stars Don't They . Words & photos by Susannah Breslin – i just might read this.

Drawings on paper towel von Marc Johns – very inspiring.

Polanski 'finishing film in jail' – "Director Roman Polanski is finishing his latest film from jail, according to screenwriter Robert Harris." as you would. and now he is in hospital, i just read.

Bern Design Award 2009 for BD – "We are happy to announce that this years “Berner Design Preis 2009″ from “Bernische Stiftung für angewandte Kunst und Gestaltung” is ours." gratz! i love these guys, they share the price with an upcoming talented graphic design collective.

The Internet is about to die. Literally die! – "One research group continues to claim that the "sky is falling" on the Internet thanks to high data growth rates and that network neutrality means the whole Internet could just "go away." Ars sifts through the hyperbole looking for a kernel of truth." lies.

Peer-to-Peer Passé, Report Finds – "Peer-to-peer file sharing has been the bogeyman of the internet, but a new report suggests it’s destined become a fear of the past — replaced by cheap streaming video." and boy, is that better for bandwidth…

Finland makes 1Mb broadband access a legal right – "Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications has made 1-megabit broadband Web access a legal right … every person in Finland (a little over 5 million people, according to a 2009 estimate) will have the right of access to a 1Mb broadband connection starting in July"

Skywave Systems | abocmix – a pretty brilliant boards of canada mix.

World's most beautiful object…officially – “The Gyrofocus, designed by the award-winning contemporary fireplace maker Focus, has been named as the World's Most Beautiful Object for the 2008-2009 Pulchra design competition.” want!

'Veggie' spider shuns meat diet – "It is the first-known predominantly vegetarian spider; all of the other known 40,000 spider species are thought to be mainly carnivorous." vegetarian but as ugly as ever.

Five great new browser games to discover – "Anyway, here's a selection of newcomers, all worth a look – while the boss isn't watching, of course…"

Anti-Pirates Scare Kids with Propagandistic Comic Book – "The Motion Picture Association has sent one of its big shot lobbyists to New Zealand to advocate tougher anti-piracy legislation, and to promote a propagandistic comic book set be handed out to thousands of local kids."

Barbie Is Turning 50! – “ChatterBox Arts International presents the San Francisco 7th Annual Altered Barbie Exhibit taking place at Shotwell 50 Studios. Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!” introducing, barbie art.

Girl's death posted on Facebook – "DETAILS of a car crash in which a teenage girl died have been posted on the Facebook social networking site before the her family was informed."

Why France Telecom employees are killing themselves – “In their suicide notes, some of the 24 victims since February 2008 blame the workplace climate.”

Nasty Old People – "get the movie! The movie is released with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License." or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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