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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

my wife did it

Theater Basel – Jekyll und Hyde – my beautiful partner did the backdrop animations for this theater project in basel.

here’s the schedule:
– stückinformation

and an unreadable review in baseldiitsch just for the lulz:

Claude Bühler – Premiere am Theater Basel – unreadable. swissgerman. outch.

recipe of the week [in german, sorry – l2usegoogletranslate]

Gâteau au raisiné Saft Kuchen aus der Romandie – c’est magnifique!

online video killed the …

Вивальди "времена года",Лето-3часть – ze russian accordeon boy genius. gotta love the headbump.

Cartman Covers Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" – "Cartman singing "Poker Face" over a montage of Stan fighting Japanese whalers." the whale sorry whole episode is great, of course, but this you must watch.

Flintstones in Stop Motion. – "We did this stop motion sequence for Cartoon Network's "Flintstones: On the Rocks" a few of years ago. There have been a number of requests that we post this….Click on the image to watch." winnnrarrrrr!

Jon Stewart on McCain's Anti-Net-Neutrality Bill – "Try as I might, I never quite understood the net neutrality debate. All I knew was nerds cared very deeply about it, so I assumed it had something to do with Cheeto taxes or Real Doll tariffs. But on last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart broke it down into simple terms even a touched halfwit like me can understand." public service. and the website he mentions actually does exist! pro.

schmooze and abuse

World of Warcraft and Philsophy – "Continuing with the ongoing Popular Culture and Philosophy series, World of Warcraft and Philosophy, (Wrath of the Philosopher King) will be hitting bookshelves on November 1st. This collection of essays and short fiction addresses the ethics, economics, and metaphysics of Azeroth and its inhabitants." i ordered this (along with my next game card … o.O.)

Google Wave as an RPG environment – "Ars Technica reports on the nascent Google Wave RPG scene, in which wavesters are amusing themselves by using Google's collaboration tool s a surprisingly effective (for some games) means of keeping track of the action in game"

Motorola Droid – want! finally! smokes the iphone on so many levels. and even the design is growing on me.

Innovation in Open Networks – Creative Commons, the Next Layer of Openness – "A few months ago, McKinsey & Co. asked me to write an article for their online magazine What Matters. The edited article, "Creative Commons: Enabling the next level of innovation" was just posted to their site. Following is the unedited original version." joi does not say a word, but was he unhappy with the edits? maybe?

URBAN CURSOR – "Urban Cursor is a GPS enabled object designed to facilitate social interaction and play in public space."

No Need To UNplug – "It’s not that people are reckless or unconcerned about the environment, but sometimes simple and easy things like this becomes too much of an effort."

Explain DRM to Your Dad – "Then you have your loved ones caught in the middle of a growing debate. How do you explain to your dad why he can't play that music file? " does it work with mums?

Internet addresses set for change – "The internet regulator has approved plans to allow non-Latin-script web addresses, in a move that is set to transform the online world."

Neue Arbeiten von SpY – “I updated my website with new interventions in Madrid, NYC, Rotterdam, Bilbao… this summer I was in NYC and I worked a bit on the streets … I Hope you like it!” we do we do.

Lord Mandelson to ban illegal filesharers – "Lord Mandelson will today set out plans to ban computer users who illegally download music and videos from the internet." and next he’ll announce his marriage to … uhm which pop star? … boy george? like sarkosy and bruni, erm. farfetched? i think not!

Felice Varini's town-sized illusion – "The buildings in the town of Vercorin in the Swiss Alps contribute to an impressive piece by Felice Varini, called Cercle et suite d'éclats. The pattern was projected on the town from the vantage point, then traced and painted."

Scareware launched from tech blog – "Visitors to technology blog Gizmodo are being warned that they could have picked up more than tips about the latest must-have gadget." endgadget is probably having a field day.

Chamber Sues the Yes Men – "The Chamber of Commerce is suing the Yes Men over the parody press conference the group pulled off last week." oh, come on.

Facebook users protest over news feed – "1,175,000 Facebookers have joined the group "Change Facebook back to normal!!", and this is not the only discussion board. "Please give us our old news feed back!" boasts 530,000 member by now. And they still grow. Fast." i joined.

Cybercrooks Trick Gawker Into Serving Malware-Laced Ad – "Remember when the global economic crisis was supposed to drive legions of desperate, unemployed computer programmers into cybercrime? It turns out the real threat comes from unemployed advertising agents."

Tobold's MMORPG Blog: Facebook games: Scam or useful tool? – mmo player analyzes facebook.

Average Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World – infographic.

Crack & Shine: London's graffiti scene – ""Graffiti is .. a controversial subject dividing opinion and rousing powerful debate, yet almost nothing is known about the true motivations and inspirations of the artists themselves. This book offers an exclusive insight into this thriving, contemporary sub-culture,” writes Isobel Evans in the introduction to the new book, Crack and Shine." book. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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