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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

strictly kev’s yearly kraftwerk mix

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Volume 6 by DJ Food – SoundCloud – “I do these hour long mixes every year or so featuring cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet. Each mix is laced with spoken word, interviews or info about Kraftwerk too. I had the idea several years ago and the more I dug, the more I found, the amount of material out there is mind boggling. Not so strange for such an influential band who rarely release new material I suppose, fans have to fill the gap somehow. For anyone wanting to play catch-up, the first 5 volumes are also available at:”

Strictly Kev – Kev’s Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 1-6 – “Thankfully, that’s where Strictly Kev (aka DJ Food) comes in. A true fan of all things Kraftwerk, Strictly Kev has built a large collection of cover versions over the years which walk a fine line between sublime homage and downright absurdity.”

online video killed the … pony

The Definitive List of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Cover Songs on the Internet – "From clarinets to Christmas lights, these cover songs collected from across the web pay the ultimate tribute to the ultimate song — the one that everyone (and yet no one) knows the words to." gotta love the 2 guys lipsynching it.

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody – roflcopter

Video: man in Japan weds anime game character – "On Sunday, a man named Sal9000 married the love of his life. Her name is Nene Anegasaki, and she lives inside of a Nintendo DS video game called Love Plus."

schmoose and abuse

Please design a logo for me. With pie charts. For free. – funny email exchange with a client/friend expecting a favor. [via b3ta]

Lawyers target thousands of 'illegal' file-sharers – "Around 15,000 suspected pirates may soon get legal letters accusing them of illegally sharing movies and games."

Mr. Bounce – "Neon colors, ball physics, crazy music and highly enjoyable game play – what else do you need? Mr. Bounce adds new ingredients to the classic formula “Avoid missing ball for high score”" exists also for the iphone/ipod.

Autocomplete Me – "Remember that time you were innocently searching for “how to avoid swine flu” but Google assumed you were searching for “how to avenge your brother’s death”? Yeah, that totally wasn’t what you were searching for, but it ended up being super helpful after your best friend “accidentally” stabbed Michael." some fantastic google bombs for lols.

World Cup TV coverage banned by Kim Jong-il (unless North Korea win) – "Kim Jong-il, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, has banned all live coverage of World Cup football matches from his state-run television stations and only highlights of North Korea’s victories will be broadcast." what a twat.

Inside the Michelle Obama image fight: why Google won't tweak results – "We apologise if you've had an upsetting experience using Google. We hope you understand our position regarding offensive results." wait, is this really the best they can come up with?

Swedes start buying music; are anti-P2P laws working? – "Digital music sales in piracy-loving Sweden have soared this year. The music industry says that it's all about tough new laws and court prosecutions, but some major labels are seeing worldwide increases." oh ffs, the swedes again. we had the same thing happening with drugs, porn, prostitutes, now with p2p filesahring. first they are too liberal then get too restrictive.

Ideas vs… – "A picture is worth a thousand words…" it is.

Adios, Red Bull? Anti-energy drinks seek to soothe frazzled Americans – "Promising a "vacation in a bottle" or an "acupuncture session in every can," makers of anti-energy drinks, as they're known, say that after bailouts, foreclosures and Ponzi schemes, Americans nowadays would rather chill out than tweak out. To help us do so, they're spiking their new beverages with ingredients such as chamomile, melatonin, and valerian root — all known for their supposed calming effects."

What Would 'Seinfeld' Be Like If It Came Back Today? – "What if 'Seinfeld' actually came back on the air with new episodes? (Jerry Seinfeld has made it pretty clear that this will not happen.) But what if it did?"

World of Warcraft Quests Remain Compelling, 5 Years On – "After five years, it’s hard to imagine a world without World of Warcraft. Released Nov. 23, 2004, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game has set the standard for the genre."

Redhead 12-year-old assaulted over Facebook message citing South Park episode? – "The boy was kicked and hit in two separate incidents (…) by as many as 14 of his classmates." The attack followed a Facebook message promoting that date as Kick a Ginger Day." oh boy, not the G.I.N.G.E.R. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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