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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the …

Cassetteboy – The Web for Beginners – “Something a bit different this time, not least because for once it’s totally legit.” more about the competition here: digital revolution short film competition

Beatles 3000 – “1000 years in the future, the legacy of John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie remains.” well, after all they invented the thumbs up sign, they really did.

Solution- We have the Technology – Energy Union 2009- Coldcut -v1 – a coldcut mix for their energy union project.

Ze Frank On America in Afghanistan Since 2001 – "With new U.S. troops heading to Afghanistan, Ze Frank takes an opportunity to radically oversimplify the last 8 years of the war."

schmooze and abuse

25 Hilarious WiFi Network Names – “Giving your WiFi network a funny or clever name is a great way to freak out your annoying neighbors without hiding in their bushes or peeping in their windows late at night.” hmmm, i do have a minor crush on one of my neighbors …

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell – … [via b3ta]

N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton: The Word Cloud – "One hundred years hence, when historians are trying to understand race relations in late century Los Angeles, they will refer to Straight Outta Compton to get to the reality behind the analysis — and it'll still sound fresh as fuck. Herewith: Straight Outta Compton, the word cloud:" fuck is big, of course. so is yo.

Google Chrome For Mac Is Here! – "The wait is over. Google Chrome for Mac is now available in beta. It’s still missing a few features that are in the Windows version (like support for extensions), but the browser is lickety-split and more-or-less stable."

Streaming will never stop downloading – "Far from being a cure for the industry's woes, substituting streams for downloads wastes bandwidth, reduces privacy and slows innovation"

The monster that is – World of Warcraft – "$1.2 billion a year in revenue; 16GB of your hard disk; billions of hours played; acres of news-print; a Sam Raimi-directed (Evil Dead 2, The Spider-man trilogy) movie in the works; a billion-dollar grey market in gold and items; an episode of South Park; therapists creating in-game characters for addiction counselling and an astonishing… 11 million players! And relax. WoW is just a game" with infographic

Bay Area artist "shopdrops" at IKEA – "On Black Friday, Michele Pred joined the throngs at the Emeryville IKEA, but she wasn't exactly shopping. Instead, the Berkeley artist slipped into the wall-art section and covertly placed copies of signed prints she had designed into the racks."

FA denies England will use Viagra to help players rise to World Cup occasion – "• No discussion with regard to Viagra, says FA • 'Medical staff conducting detailed research'" englands’ players always play hard anyway.

England football team offered Viagra for World Cup – "ENGLAND'S football team will be offered Viagra for next year's World Cup games in South Africa in an attempt to boost their performance … on the pitch." england’s players will be hard … erm .. to beat.

Cheyenne Cherry Ransacked Apartment, Then Cooked Cat in Oven – "But just to be a complete dick, the 14-year-old stuck Hernandez's cat in the oven and cranked it to 500 degrees." äs nümmmerli.

Everything you need to know about HTML5 – "What's new in HTML5 and what happened to XHTML2"

Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges – "Copenhagen is preparing for the climate change summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough."

the minaret shame contd.

Swiss senator Dick Marty says minaret ban is "completely incomprehensible". – "Switzerland’s image as a country of human rights has been rocked by the ban on the construction of minarets, according to a Swiss member of the Council of Europe."

MINARETT-VERBOT: NICHT IN MEINEM NAMEN – "Die Entscheidung vom vergangenen Sonntag gegen den Bau von Minaretten hat weltweit Schocks und Missbilligung ausgelöst und dem Ruf der Schweiz als ein Land der Toleranz und des kulturellen Pluralismus empfindlichen Schaden zugefügt. Zeigen wir der Welt, dass wir dieses Verbot aufs schärfste verurteilen und dass die Schweizer Bevölkerung sich grundsätzlich entschlossen gegen Angstmache und Vorurteile stellt." or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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