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iPad is iBad for freedom – “With new tablet device, Apple’s Steve Jobs pushes unprecedented extension of DRM to a new class of general purpose computers”

The iPad provides the ultimate browsing experience? – Millions of websites use Flash. Get used to the blue legos.

8 Things That Suck About the iPad – apple ipad – Gizmodo – agree on all accounts. not getting one of these. seems like they took all the mistakes they made on the iPhone and amplified those instead of getting rid of them.

online video killed the

Chris Morris's Four Lions: 'jihadist comedy' – "How not to buy bomb-making bleach " the latest chris morris comedy.

Friday Film Pick: RiP! A Remix Manifesto – "The NFB recently made the entirety of RiP: A Remix Manifesto available for online viewing. For free. In HD."

schmooze and abuse

Unhappy Hipsters – "it's lonely in the modern world" [via b3ta]

Ten Word Wiki – The Express Till For The Internet – "Ten Word Wiki is an Encyclopedia for the ADD generation. We Describe Everything In Ten words" [via b3ta]

Every day the same dream – "Every Day The Same Dream plays at issues of lives led in quiet, soul-sapping desperation by forcing you to subvert your own easy routines and comes fully loaded with a gut-punch for anyone who has been or is currently a wage-slave office drone."

Boing Boing: Games To Get – games recommended by the boingboing crew.

Will I get laid on Valentine’s Day? – looks like i might ^^

Spirit – particularly cute xkcd cartoon.

World Economic Forum – Home – fake or real? very well done mediahack.

Mute Button Pacifier (Baby Blue): Baby – ha ha haaaaa – minimalistic iPhone iPod app reviews. nice.

GENTRY – floppy disc art.

gnop – reverse pong, you control the ball not the paddle.

One of the best environmental films ever made, Dreamland shakes the soul – "There is one reason, above all the others, that the Academy Awards are not worth paying any attention to this year: the documentary Dreamland is not up for best picture, best documentary, or best anything." ok, ok, we heard ya…

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