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online video killed the …

Papierkrieg – imagination knows no limits in this german animation project.

A Babelgum Original: Banksy Vs. Robbo – video documenting the "war" between team robbo and banksy, this conflict does raise some interesting question about the dircetion banksy has been taking. but! zes queenz should get a hotel room…

Keynote: Bruce Sterling (us) on Atemporality – "If progress is to go beyond the banal indulgences that give rise to a never-ending array of car shell designs then we need to analyse our present time with regard to its aesthetics and its media. The second conference session is being introduced with Bruce Sterling's Keynote on Atemporality." snide as usual, but just as brilliant.

Roy Ayers- Can't You See Me? – one of the greatest feel-good tracks evar. has saved my life a few times already. and counting.

schmooze and abuse

This Just In: Not All World of Warcraft Players Are Deadbeats – "You there, sitting on the couch in your parent's basement, next to the Doritos, playing World of Warcraft for hours on end. Yes, YOU! What have you done to better mankind lately? More than 200,000 of your kind just donated $1.11 million to charity." i did buy that pet, yet i am still a deadbeat.

How and Why BitTorrent Works, a Visualization – "Millions of people use BitTorrent to share files every day, but only a small percentage actually understand how BitTorrent works and appreciate why it is such an efficient way to share large files. A simplified but insightful visualization helps to shed some light on the inner workings of the BitTorrent client."

Bovine Bombing – "Ron English and his crew found a new canvas for street art in south Texas, cows!"

naughty shop challenge – "Go into a shop and rearrange objects to make it say something naughty. Take a photo." lolololol

Full IN THE LOOP Screenplay Now Online – With a Special Note from Armando Iannucci – IN THE LOOP is a truely fantasic film, the whole screenplay is available to download here.

Google Buzz Trick – “Try this at home… And we wanna see it.”

Glasnost: Test if your ISP is manipulating BitTorrent traffic – "Glasnost creates a BitTorrent-like transfer between your machine and our server, and determines whether or not your ISP is limiting such traffic. This is a first step towards making traffic manipulation by ISPs more transparent to their customers."

Wi-Fi Turns Arizona Bus Ride Into a Rolling Study Hall – "Wi-Fi access has transformed what was often a boisterous bus ride into a rolling study hall, and behavioral problems have virtually disappeared. “It’s made a big difference,” said J. J. Johnson, the bus’s driver. “Boys aren’t hitting each other, girls are busy, and there’s not so much jumping around.”"

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