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online video killed the …

FutureStates :: Play – "beautiful imagination of nested play states in a "not too distant future." nested it is.

‘Galactica: Sabotage’ Creator Discusses Her Brilliant Beastie Boys Sci-Fi Mashup – "The above video compares the Galactica version with the real “Sabotage” video and puts things in perspective for those who haven’t memorized every shot in the original Beasties clip: If you dart your eyes back and forth fast enough, you can see the stunning precision with which her re-creation mimics the original." amazing precision

South Park Parodies the "Gingers Do Have Souls" Kid – "the famous "Gingers. do have souls" kid has now been immortalized by the very show he claims to hate in this preview clip from South Park's upcoming 14th season." awww, stop slagging the g.i.n.g.e.r.s. already, tee hee.

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer – "The 11th Best Picture Nomination of 2009."

schmooze and abuse

New New Order Mix-New Monday. It's new. – "Earlier today I uploaded a remix I've done of Blue Monday by New Order which I've called "New Monday (How Does It Feel)". I'm not sure the world needed another remix of this 80's classic but I went and did one anyway." wooohee, osymyso is back! or did he never leave?

Apple's secret iPhone developer agreement goes public – "The first rule of the iPhone developer program is: You do not talk about the iPhone developer program." just did, so suck on that, sucker.

Chatroulette Map – ya, dickflashers, not so anonymous anymore…

Apple’s iTunes LP 6 Months Later: LP What? – “It’s something most people will look at once” that sentence sums it all up. was interesting to read that the idea did not come from apple though.

Dalai Lama Has a Posse – "Wednesday March 10 is Tibetan Independence Day—and this year will also mark His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday. In honor of both, Shepard Fairey collaborated with photographer Don Farber on this limited-edition, signed and numbered 18"x14" print"

DIY : The picturetweeting bathroom scale (aka the worst christmas present ever) – "how about bathroom scales that take a picture of you, from the worst and least flattering angle, and uploads it straight to the web through Twitter and twitpic? Yes, I know, it’s a horrible idea!" worst! idea! ever!

Valve Brings Hit Games, Steam Service to Mac – "It’s officially official: Valve will bring its Steam online distribution service and titles from its massive library of hit games to the Mac this April, the company confirmed Monday." nice.

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