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online video killed the …

I-mSayingNoToGov.HealthCare – huge fail conservative girls protest song [via b3ta]

Program or Be Programmed – "Here’s another way of saying the basic premise of my book Life Inc." rushkoff’s sxsw rant.

11 YEAR OLD MOHINI DEY ON BASS – "11year old girl Mohini Dey on Bass whose inspired by Jaco Pastorius and Abraham Laboriel but trained by her teacher Mr. Joy Dey" to get really impressed let it preload and jump to minute 7:30 or so.

Demetri Martin Is a Frustrated Web Designer | Comedy Central Insider Blog – "This preview clip from Thursday's new Important Things with Demetri Martin demonstrates that you never really know what's going on on the other end of your conference call."

Ninja Tune XX – ninja tune announcing their 20th anniversary coming up this fall

Gorillaz – Stylo MV – fantastic, gave me goosebumps! a mini movie, more like. and yes yes, girls, bruce willis is innit.

Follow the Legs/Faulty Choirs videos and mp3 – "I've uploaded the mp3's and video's for "Follow the Legs" and "Faulty Choirs". Both collaborations with Rafianimates, I made the sounds he took care of the animating."

schmooze and abuse

David Livingston: “Big Dick”, 2010 – "I see art as a performance, enacted either in crowds of strangers or in the privacy of my studio. In Manhattan’s financial district, I wore a six foot long felt penis sewn together and stuffed with sofa upholstery. During this and subsequent performances, I was fascinated by the public’s reactions (laughter, avoidance, offense) and my own (pride, liberation, shame) as I parodied the figure of the downtown businessman using childish humor." i bet the artist has a small one in real life. tee hee. just kiddin.

Unfortunate ironic t-shirts To Get Arrested In – "These particular people got caught doing some kind of crime and are wearing these shirts when they get their mug shots."

Does World of Warcraft reflect real life concerns? – "The real world is fragmented into small parts where human nature acts itself out under different constraints. So the challenge in translating sociological insights from virtual worlds to the 'real world' is the same challenge we have when going from one part of the traditional world to other parts of the traditional world. One nation to another. One language to another." does it?

Yes, it's GuardianRoulette! – "Welcome please to (drum roll) GuardianRoulette. The rules are simple: go to the page. Read the article. Click. Read a new, randomly-chosen article. Now click again."

Yotam Ottolenghi’s smoked polenta chips recipe – and this was the first page that GuardianRoulette brought me to, looks and sounds yummie.

Sacre Brodel's Photos – Prikbord Foto's – this guy just happens to be in a tight spot

Obama Twitter account 'hacked by Frenchman' – “A Frenchman who police say hacked Twitter accounts belonging to US President Barack Obama and celebrities could face jail.”

NICOLAS BELLY – BORDEAUX, France – L' ARGUS Design Competition 2nd place – "Less is more: travelling in the era of simplicity" i love these, they look like these carboard cutouts for kids. [via rebel:art]

Defective by Design waging war on iPad – "Anti-DRM (Digital Rights Management) campaigner site Defective by Design has reached 10,000 signatures for its anti-iPad campaign."

Switzerland passes violent games ban – "Government preparing to outline the specifics of new legislation that will illegalise violent games" in one word, idiotic! have ever heard how forbidden fruit tastes better, no ban will ever solve such issues! the swiss socialist party launched this, and yet they wonder why no young people want to join their party anymore?

Massive Protest Against UK Anti-Piracy Bill – "As Feargal Sharkey, head of UK Music, speaks of his confidence that the massively controversial Digital Economy Bill will be passed before the general election, the Open Rights Group has revealed that in the last 3 days more than 10,000 outraged citizens have written to MPs demanding a debate on the issue."

Essential WoW terminology in other languages – "In the sprawling, global environment that is the World of Warcraft today, there's really no telling who you'll end up grouped with."

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