pix inside !!! !!! arghhhhhh

hah. i have this great new gadget. a new piece of plastic!
pieceoplastic is my chat-name; among other reasons because i am extremly gadget-minded.
i am talking about my new mobile phone, made all of class A plastic.
its the one where you can take photos.
very cool toy!
its the nokia .. wait a minute … lemme see …
the nokia 7650, yeah..
nokia is bad, of course. nokia is the teenie brand!

but nevertheless here i am, walking around happily with my phone/camera
taking nice pictures.
very nice pictures in fact.
the only problem is, i cant show them to you.
i mean i could, its possible to put jpg’s into this great blog-tool.
but my pix are stuck inside the camera, i can’t get them out!
no way jose !
no passaran !
they sit there nicely, inside this huge hunk of a mobile phone;
they sit there looking all pretty, but i cant get them outside.
tried infrared. no go. dont have bluetooth. email does not work.
and finally mms would only send them to another mobile phone to be stuck inside of.
besides nobody i know owns a mms mobile phone yet … [do you????]

so they are staying inside! my pix are grounded, so to speak !
pix inside, instead of pentium inside, the good people at nokia should have written onto
this piece of class A plastic gadget.
i could of course always describe these pix to you.
but this somehow seems silly, so i wont.
i hope you understand.. maybe tomorrow i ll get them out! by magic maybe… arrghh

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