testing flattr

testing testing, sorry guys, just testing flattr

nice idea, but i have to admit i am sceptical. it allows visitors to websites appreciate web-content by sharing micropayments. yes. its a brilliant idea even. and the approach they took from a purely technical point of view, and also the way registration and the introduction to the features are done, are all really spot on.

however a service like this one so depends on a critical mass joining in. that one can’t be helped much i guess, such is life of a new web service and all i can do is wish them good luck. my other main concern is the way content gets listed. as we have seen with digg and other sites relying heavily on the “like-button”, this usually creates an effect where people will “like” the content that others already have pushed to the top, seems to be human nature dictating this. and if content can be pushed to the top it will, so expect lots of shuffling to appear listed on the top should this service take off. it is very hard to say how this can be avoided though.

thinking about it from the other end of things, if someone is visiting my shitty little blog, should they be inclined to flattr me, is the service really low threshold enough? not sure there either…

one to watch…

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