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Colbert Opens Show with Rube Goldberg Machine – "In honor of his guests OK Go, whose latest viral music video you've already seen a dozen times so I don't need to describe it to you, Stephen Colbert kicked off last night's Colbert Report with an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine." fischli weiss stole this idea from rube goldberg?

Airspace Rebooted – "A visualisation of the northern European airspace returning to use after being closed due to volcanic ash." sick.

Chatroulette Speed Painting #1 – "Painting random people online, using my wacom tablet."

Armando Iannucci's Time Trumpet – David Cameron – "clip from episode 6 of Armando Iannucci's Time Trumpet, which looks back at the election of David Cameron and the rising popularity of the BNP under Diana Tinkman." visionary!

Boobquake Day Causes Earthquake – "A Purdue University student calls for women to wear skimpy clothing to prove an Iranian madman wrong."

HELLO Z.E. WORLD ! – loled at this guerilla marketing strategy for zero emissions cars by renault…

M.I.A, Born Free on Vimeo – very strong video, more like a mini movie, contains violence, nudity and gingers…

schmooze and abuse

Caponata recipe – "An old-school Sicilian classic gets the Ottolenghi treatment. Just be sure you save some for the next day, too" mmmhhh, dinner soon?

Is Banksy a Green Party supporter? – "Perhaps then, the most reliable way to tell if Bansky really is a Green Party supporter is to wait for the inevitable response from King Robbo."

The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash – "The PC revolution is almost coming to an end, and everyone's trying to work out a strategy for surviving the aftermath."

Stephen Walter's The Island – "The artist, a Londoner with a love of his native city, offers up a huge range of local and personal information in words and symbols.” [via b3ta]

First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day – "some clever chappie (I don't know who) has declared May 20, 2010 "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day," in support of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and in opposition to religious thuggery." dare i drwa one?

iPhone's Gay Social Networking App Leads to Murder of Phoenix Man, Police Claim – "Murder? Apparently there's an app for that, too." also watch jon stewart poking fun at apple, knocking in doors? there’s an app for that too.

Dirty Dozen Foods – Pesticide Residue on Fruits and Vegetables – "The Environmental Working Group takes that government data and publishes an annual list of the Dirty Dozen, those foods most likely to have high pesticide residues. This year, celery takes the number one spot, and both blueberries and spinach make an appearance (displacing lettuce and pears)."

Gorillaz Talk Plastic Beach, Subtle Environmentalism and ‘Sunshine in a Bag’ – " Are you up on the Twitter and everything? Albarn: I haven’t got a computer. But I do like drum machines and keyboards — everything I can get my hands on." a wise man.

Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash, in Flash. – "Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash, in Flash. Big improvement. (Better: Adobe Flash CS4 crashed twice while I threw this together.)” wat! flash crashed? never!

”Child Pornography Is Great,” Anti-Pirates Say – "Child pornography is great,” he said enthusiastically. ”It is great because politicians understand child pornography. By playing that card, we can get them to act, and start blocking sites. And once they have done that, we can get them to start blocking file sharing sites." sounds reasonable.

What's in a name? For Simon Duncan's band, a £200,000 Banksy… – "The new work by Banksy was sent unexpectedly last week to Duncan, a 41-year-old web developer, as compensation for the world-renowned graffiti artist having coincidentally chosen the name of Duncan's band as the title for his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop." just a cool dude, this banksy fellah…

chillout song – "I received an email from a woman named Laura, who had recently moved to a new city for a new job. She was overwhelmed with anxiety and asked me to write her a song to help her calm down." his latest crowdsourced song documented here, gotta love this man.

2 Girls 1 Cup – Analysis – "A collection of twenty of the most-viewed YouTube reaction videos were downloaded and then edited to start at the same time. This was possible by listening for the start of the audio for the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. Each of these videos were then processed to collect data about optical flow and volume."

The Ginger Wars: What's with all the redhead hate? – "But increasingly as of late, redheads have been the victims of a rising tide of mockery, bigotry, and violence. Here's a brief timeline of the weird and escalating Ginger Wars."

Nazi pedophile, torturer, cult leader in Chile dies – "Nazi pedophile, torturer, and cult leader Paul Schäfer died in a prison hospital in Chile last week. The German-born Evangelical Christian raped children, founded and ruled over a Jonestown-like agricultural commune, and oversaw a torture and assassination outsourcing service for the bloody regime of Augusto Pinochet." most evil man ever?

Introducing Nokia N8 – finally… this does look like an awesome phone, opensource, 12 MB cam, decent design…

Police Seize Jason Chen's Computers – "Last Friday night, California's Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered editor Jason Chen's home without him present, seizing four computers and two servers."

What does Facebook publish about you and your friends? – "Any information you see below is visible to anyone on the Internet through normal use of the Facebook Graph API." spooky

Priligy, First Pill To Stop Premature Ejaculation, Goes On Sale In UK – "The UK is bracing itself for the release of the first pill designed to end premature ejaculation. Medical trials have shown that just one tablet of the drug Priligy can make men last up to three times as long during sexual intercourse." tempting. not!

Berlin: Farbattacke am Rosenthaler Platz – "Mein Tipp: BMW war’s – denn es gab bereits eine Kampagne bei der der Künstler Robin Rhode durch Farbe fährt. Bin gespannt, wer wirklich dahinter steckt… "

Mr Scruff Vs Kirsty Almeida 'Pickled Spider' – "Mr. Scruff and Kirsty Almeida were in a recording studio. It was very dusty and covered in cobwebs. As they tidied up, a small spider appeared. It ran up and down the keyboard, trying to escape. Mr. Scruff pressed the record button and Kirstry began to sing. A big spider appeared and played the bassline" topnotch scruffian track.

iPhone symphony app up for PRSF new music prize – "An idea to allow people to create their own "satellite symphony" through an iPhone app has been shortlisted for a new music prize."

Like Button – "Like Button is a collection of links shared by your Facebook friends from most popular sites. " like!

John Kelly channels Joni Mitchell – "LAT: The folk scene you came out of had fun creating personas. You were born Roberta Joan Anderson, and someone named Bobby Zimmerman became Bob Dylan.
JM: Bob is not authentic at all. He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I." joni rips bob a new one.

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