virtual DOOR-2-DOOR

saturday june 28. ::: DOOR2DOOR
all kinds of artists in and around bern/switzerland open their workspaces and studios for the general public to visit.
[if you live in bern don’t forget to visit the inofficial DOOR2DOOR off-festival speichergasse 37/bern, where monkeypunk opens her studio]
leafing through the catalogue i noticed, that many of the artists involved have websites – no surprise so far. the links can also be found on the DOOR-2-DOOR website.
so i decided to go DOOR-2-DOOR one day early, and i took a ride through the www of bernese artist-websites.
each website had exactly 1 minute to convince me!
be warned: this might get tedious, extremly unfair, arrogant and/or superficial. are you shure you wanna click?

::: left side of aare [q: left relative to where???]

peter aerschmann: great multimedia artist – surprisingly basic website … solid! easy to update. smart.

eva baumann: i of course love the project yb-wil 26. mai 2001, for which 11 people each followed 1 yb-footballplayer with a pencil. and eva drew the ball. it must have been a rather scribbely game!
danielle cina: paintings. nah! too many pop-ups! the art might be good, but the website does not give it justice.
alexander egger: photography. honest website, but the photography is not my piece of cake …
christoph hess: this guy seems to give concertos with turntables. i quite like his claim: ein bauer im anzug = a farmer in a suit.
bigi lustenberger: photography. what can you say about an artist-friend, that won’t get you in trouble. i take my joker! just one thing: the website is made using flash. i always wonder, if that’s appropriate for photography. flash makes downloads impossible, okay, but people can take screenshots anyway and they might get tempted to do so even more! performance/installation. the first website that mentions door2door. but other than that: woopsie, say what? what does this guy claim he does?
adriana stadler: objects/installation. she does things with stones!? maybe!? take a look at this website, if you want to find out how not to build an artists website!
daniel sutter: photography/installation. i like the minimalistic retro-look of this website. the fotos you do see are cool in their low-tech style. but: where are the other fotos? i really did try to feature one here!

::: right side of aare [q: right side relative to where or what or who?]

tom blaess: printer? i dunno. huh? nope
peter brand: drawings. the title of this page, and i am not making this up, is “welcome to drawing”! uhm! the absolute worst so far! crude design. and a color-combo that actually hurts the eyes.
kate burgener: multimedia. nothing seems to be loading. bye bye!
filip haag: painter. nice enough website for really quite awful art.
beatrix sitter-liver: paintings. up there with adriana stadler. a complete waste of clicks!
sibylla walpen: the art might be okay, but the website almost spoils it … arf arf! but i do love this anim gif:

anne wilhelm: painting. with a splash-page like this one i am already gone … swimming in the river aare … neither right side nor left side, but smack in the middle of it.

conclusion: most artists’s in bern are in desperate need for much much much much better websites! not one of the websites is interactive! that’s a scandal.
i can build websites! i have many great ideas for interactivity!
maybe we should meet for coffee soon?

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