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online video killed ze …

Hexstatic present – Trailer Trax video – "Hexstatic celebrate the release of their ‘Trailer Trax’ album this Monday with a video mix based on the accompanying AV show." another hexstatic album incoming. woot.

Mukhtars Fødselsdag – Flash Mob – "On May 5th it's Mukhtar's, a bus-driver in Copenhagen, Birthday. In 2010 he had no idea that a large group of people had planned to celebrate him…" as cheesy as it is cute.

The Horn of Bunty – "NSFW b3ta humor video"

Bart's Blackboard – “Here is a little project I've done. It's every line Bart Simpson ever wrote on the Springfield blackboard in our office”

Sexy Robots – "It is the future and all music is made by robots. Sexy robots."

Fastest animals on Earth in slow motion – "truly awe-inspiring slow motion wildlife camera technology."

LOST with Sarah Silverman! – "Sarah Silverman sits down with LOST executive producers Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof to discuss what mysteries will be revealed on LOST on the finale."

Seinfeld Trailer – "George" RE-CUT – "A re-arrangement of Seinfeld scenes into a dramatic movie trailer." epic dramaz.

BBC-Dokumentation: The Virtual Revolution – "The Virtual Revolution is a British television documentary series presented by Aleks Krotoski, which began airing on BBC Two on 30 January 2010. A co-production between the BBC and the Open University, the series looks at the impact the World Wide Web has had since its inception 20 years ago. The series took on a different approach to BBC documentary making by encouraging an open and collaborative production." watched the whole damn thing, learned nothing new, stuck with a strange crush on aleks…

UP THERE – "Here is the final documentary. We're very excited to bring these painters' story down to sidewalk level, for everyone to see."

schmooze and abuse

The Geek Alphabet – "As a geek, you definitely know your ABCs, but do you know these? From A to Z, “away team” to “zork,” here is [GAS]’s take on the Geek Alphabet." how poetic them geeks are.

Lost Hacking Documentary Surfaces on Pirate Bay – "After collecting cobwebs in a studio vault for the better part of a decade, an unreleased documentary on the 2003 hacking scene leaked onto the Pirate Bay Thursday. Narrated by actor Kevin Spacey, the 90-minute Hackers Wanted follows the exploits of Adrian Lamo, who pleaded guilty in 2004 to cracking the internal network of The New York Times."

Girl Talk — Feed the Animals – "To the right of the track list, there’s a list of which songs are being played, as they’re played, using the list compiled by" html 5 in action.

Hidden Image on Iron Fence – "It looks like an old, rusty fence, right? Just take a step to the left and look at it again." brilliant idea.

LifeLock CEO’s Identity Stolen 13 Times – "Remember the CEO that published his Social Security number in company ads to prove how well their identity theft protection service worked? Well, guess what happened? Hint: 13 is NOT his lucky number." a typical case of woopsie.

The Pirate Bay – “The world's most resilient bittorrent site – "LOL! AS U MITE HAS READ OR NOTICD, PEEPS ONCE AGAIN R TRYIN 2 SHUT US DOWN. DIS WILL NOT SUCCED, LOL."

Did M.I.A. ‘eff up’ by giving her album an un-google-able name? – "M.I.A. recently named her new album “/\/\/\Y/\”, which is supposed to spell out MAYA, except using forward and back slashes. It seems like this was ’something kewl’ to do in order to exploit typography + the modern usage of slashes in order to signify the directory-based lifestyle that we live on the web. However, as ‘clever’ as this might be typographically, I wonder if it is a ‘complete disaster’ for the sake of Search Engine Optimization." ungoogleable! whataword!

"I'm Not Unemployed. I'm NSFW." Shirt – "Limited run! Ends May 31st! Printed to order starting next week. Only $15.99" maybe tha’s the solution, turn my unemployment into attitude.

BBC 'sorry' for WM presenter Queen death joke – "The BBC has apologised after a radio presenter said the Queen had died."

1 000 000 SoundClouders – Thanks A Million! – "Ta-da! Big day today. At 10:29 Berlin time this morning, our one millionth user signed up for a SoundCloud account. A bigger than words thank you to every single one of you, building SoundCloud for you truly is a great pleasure." hey, you’re welcome.

ARS Electronica | Prix – "GOLDEN NICAS & GRANT 2010" the same three artists win every year. glad i am not going any more.

ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape | Akira The Don – "It was supposed to be EASY… a simple, quick, fun thing I could do in a day and fulfil April’s mixtape quota. A mix of Street Fighter related music. There’s tons of it"

The Pirate Bay Goes Down Following Legal Pressure – "The Pirate Bay is suffering some temporary downtime as their bandwidth provider has stopped passing through traffic. A week ago, Hollywood got an injunction to effectively shut down the Pirate Bay by threatening its provider with huge fines. The Pirate Bay team is currently working on a solution."

german focus

Die schönsten Geschichten aus dem Jahr 1996 – 20 Jahre SZ-Magazin – "1996 erfand Tom Kummer sein erstes Interview im SZ-Magazin. 2010 erfinden wir ein Interview mit ihm." amusing idea, poor execution.

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