panini saga 2010

almost. almost done. just 2 missing now.

258, 328 done!

just a quick recap of my experiences with panini collection for the worldcup 2010 in south africa.

– i start by purchasing a complete box. to my great surprise there is not one double sticker in that entire box. the only doubles i do get are the ones i received in a daily newspaper. and even with those i got lucky, only three doubles. i search online and get confirmation. many people report this as well, no doubles in full boxes. meanwhile a mathematician states that mathematically speaking this is impossible. panini most somehow sort their output and not use random as they always claim. more fodder for panini conspiracy theorists.

503 done 3 doubles

– i purchase 25 additional bags, in which i find only 32 stickers i can use… i rest my case.

540 done 90ish doubles

– start to look online for ways to trade. i register at and at both services do not convince me. i instead post my missing stickers on facebook. from that 4 exchanges result, for a total of roughly 20 stickers. one exchange results from emailing someone on panini’s website. [watch the kids note bellow… cuteness alert!]

560 done 70ish doubles

– my wife abuses here position as teacher and exchanges with two of her students. from that i get to exchange roughly 40 stickers, she only has to tade them 15!!!

590 done 55ish doubles

– i now have less than 50 stickers missing. so i proceed to order the missing images on the panini website, something every self-respecting collector would never do, much less admit on their personal blog ;p.

panini turns out to be a huge fail, from the 50 i ordered i receive 44, of which 2 turn out to be stcikers i didn’t order and 1 unuseable. so instead of the 50 to complete the album i am still missing 9. upset i proceed to complain to them via email, and this time it is my turn to make 2 mistakes. they send me the correct stickers, but i failed on 2 stickers.

so basically, even if you are an old (meaning you can’t hit the school yards without getting arrested as a perv), unemployed (meaning no option for water cooler trading sessions) loser like myself, you can complete your panini collection, thanks to the … *drumroll* … internetz!!!

or at least almost.

p6, p14, p16
46, 83, 97, 99,
108, 109, 112, 116, 118, 122, 124, 125, 132, 137, 154, 169, 173, 178,
202, 208, 212, 215, 264, 265, 270, 278, 287, 295,
300, 307, 311, 341, 343, 347, 351, 353, 363, 367, 371
401, 412, 421, 449, 456, 475, 476, 480, 498,
502, 533, 534, 537,
602, 614, 616, 617, 631 [2x],

258, 328,

panini exchange

andreas was very happy to echange 3 stickers for 4 with me. very very happy.

ze germans voodoo

this years version of anti-german voodoo was to stick them into the album upside down, instead of painting hitler mustaches on them ;p

PS: and finally, perfect ending. some guy on facebook comments on my post that he doesn’t need any stickers from me, but will send me the last two missing ones anyway. very nice! i will now send all my doubles to simeone, the little brother of my godson, who was highly amused that an old fart like me would collect panini…

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