inter switzerland do it the greek way

i must be one of the few people in switzerland, who feel ashamed at the way the swiss won their game against spain last night. they won, that’s good i guess, but how? they won playing extremely destructive football, 8 – 9 defensive men behind, and then going for counter atttacks. and even the goal they did create was very scrappy and not at all beautiful.

this is how inter milan won the champions league, or the greeks won the european championship in 2004. good for them, but sad for football.

let’s face it, this is a huge tournament and the stakes are huge. but if the northern koreans can almost deny the brazilians a win, and the swiss can even win against spain, things are just going the wrong way. switzerland has never won against spain yet, and for good reason. and that’s really ok. ours is a small country and a small league. the worldcup should have a different kind of beauty than winning games at all cost.

i think that there need to be rules that punish this type of tactics, destructive football takes all the fun out of “the beautiful game”. or it will get more and more boring.

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