random thoughts on refs at the worldcup

– respect to undiano mallenco. finally a ref who had the guts to sanction the germans for their very violent game. just observe it yourself next game, the germans usually start their games playing physically very hard and violent. i guess this serves to intimidate the opponents – and usually the ref as well. but it’s in those first minutes of a game that this kind of bullying needs to be stopped. well done.

– when? how much more shit like this do we need? first the irish get their spot at the worldcup denied by the hand of frog. now the americans may not make it out of the group stage. and all because of stupid mistakes by ref that could so easily be avoided with video replay… only every other sports uses video replay, why not football? come on blatter, stop being a stubborn old man.

– swiss ref busacca really has a problem with home crowds. we know this all too well from the swiss league. it seems to me that busacca tries very hard not to be influenced by the power of home crowds. he tries so hard in fact that he tends to overcompensate and turn the other way becoming almost too harsh AGAINST the home team. this kind of attitude seems to fit well with swiss mentality. home team southafrica was his latest victim.


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