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vuvuzelacup 2010

USA vs. Slovenia Decided by Koman Coulibaly's Disallowed Goal – "Koman Coulibaly quickly had his Wikipedia page defaced following the US v. Slovenia 2-2 draw. Right now, he's not a very popular man in America." i think the BBC commentator said it best, the ref just got confused as there was lots of pushing and shoving in the box. but as it turns out if you watch the slow motion replay, it was actually fouls against US players, and none by an amercian player. all i can say, Blatter, when the fuck are you going to allow video replay for referees? first the irish disallowed by the hand of frog and now maybe the US stuck in the group stages, all because the blatter mafia are stubborn old men?

Vuvuzela Time! – View any website like you're at the South Africa World Cup! – yes, had to be done, adds much needed vuvuzela to your web browsing.

Hitler and the vuvuzela at the 2010 Fifa World Cup. – watch it fast, Will Be taken down soon… and watching this, i realized how happy i am i didn’t invest in a new tv, sorry, home entertainment system, lol, for this worldcup…

Maradona e a Vuvuzela – i was pondering similar photoshoppery ideas.

France vs Mexico on Twitter – "Three minutes extra time added. French burst into tears." warren ellis being sarcastic.

Man Killed By Family For Watching World Cup On TV – "Police say a South African man who wanted to watch a World Cup match instead of a religious program was beaten to death by his family in the northeastern part of the country." deserves a red card.

Radio head: South Africa calling – "As the BBC ponders the possibility of a vuvuzela-free option for viewers watching the football, a niche radio station offers the opposite scenario. Vuvuzela Radio broadcasts the boisterous sound of the plastic trumpets without the accompaniment of any football. It's non-stop, ad-free and hard-going." gah.

What makes the sound of vuvuzelas so annoying? – "Lack of control over a noise source has been shown to increase its perceived annoyance. So your best bet might be to crack open another beer and try your best to enjoy the atmosphere." wow, great advice, lets just all get drunk… sigh.

Franz Beckenbauer labels England’s football ‘kick and rush’ – "FRANZ BECKENBAUER stuck 'Das Boot' into England yesterday – rubbishing our football as "kick and rush"." strange headline by the sun, beckbauer stuck what in? a boat?

Vuvuzela-Filter – instructions howto filter vuvuzela sound out from tv signal using logic on a mac mini, but sadly for me this is not an option, as it would mean getting a new tv since my audio out is broken [in german]

World Cup 2010: how to silence the vuvuzelas on your TV – "By far the biggest talking point at this World Cup has been how the vuvuzelas drown out everything but there could be a way to tune out their frequency on your television."

The Nextmen – World Cup Mix 2010 – England Expects – "A mix celebrating the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with, er… a slight England bias. Put it on and pray for good performances from the lads!"

ENG – USA the lego version – "A Lego reenactment of this year's World Cup game between the USA and England"

World Cup organiser considers vuvuzela ban after TV complaints – "In the days of the struggle (against apartheid) we were singing, all through our history it's our ability to sing that inspired and drove the emotions."

online video killed the…

OK Go – End Love – Official Video – "Much like all the bands other videos, this is brilliant – but much like the all the bands other songs, its shite." hey, its a video band. maybe.

Caravan FAIL – "Maybe parking the caravan in this garage wasn't such a good idea." he wanted a flatbed caravan.

Brazilian baby dancing samba (original) – how can a baby be so muy macho?

Soccer's Lost Boys: World Cup Dreams and Nightmares – "As South Africa hosts the 2010 World Cup, the focus will be on many of the continent's brightest stars in soccer, including Chelsea's Didier Drogba and Inter Milan's Samuel Eto'o. In "Soccer's Lost Boys," correspondent Mariana van Zeller explores the dark side to the sport's global popularity, what has been called "the new slave trade." decent documentary on this tragic subject with a very timely release date.

Running on Empty – "What if tomorrow, everyone’s car disappeared." i loved these parts of 28 days later…

DANCING ALONE TO PONY – "When R&B singer Ginuwine's jam Pony came out in 1996, it became the classic soundtrack to grinding, and its (admittedly, hilarious) refrain "ride it, my pony" a fixture in American pop culture. "Dancing Alone to Pony" — a tumblr blog compiling solo videos of people dancing to the track. The site has encapsulated this micro-meme." i am sooo tempted to add a vid.

Girl Deletes Boyfriend’s World of Warcraft Characters (Rage Ensues) – "Such is the case with the video embedded below, which features the poor bastard’s girlfriend recording the experience while explaining her logic for deleting all those WoW characters"

schmooze and abuse

The IT Crowd – 4oD – this is outraegous. season 4s first it crowd episode is available online. for UK viewers only… can someone please create a screen grab and … you know hint hint…

I-Spot Annoying Fanboys – "Our illustrated guide to the most annoying fanboys from zealous toy collectors to Apple acolytes and everything in between – as voted for by you" [via b3ta]

INTERVIEWS : RICHARD HERRING – "As is traditional, we turned this over to our messageboard members for their questions. Thankfully Richard didn't get too annoyed by this and actually answered them. Hooray." even "how's your cock these days?" was answered.

Hidden posters of Notting Hill Gate Tube station, 2010 – "Discovered in Notting Hill Gate tube station, 2010 – wholly inaccessible so please don't ask the staff! These are official photographs so please credit London Underground."

Why Russian Art Group Voina ‘Dicked’ a St. Petersburg Bridge – "Yeah, Russia sucks, Russian authorities are blatantly corrupt, but what are you going to do about it? Well, St Petersburg’s renegade art-group of political pranksters – Voina (War) – turned a historic bridge into one giant “Fuck You!” to the Russian federal agencies." hmm, i smell a new genre, vulgart

Eizo Pin-up Calendar 2010 – more than integral nude – "This pin-up calendar offers you more than the usual integral nude : X-ray girls literally !" boned!

'Loved': The game that hates you – "During the course of your first ten minutes with the title, you might be called a girl, an "ugly creature", "disgusting", told that you control nothing, or instructed to throw yourself onto spikes. Combined with the stark black-and-white design, it's not exactly the most friendly title you'll play this year."

Answers 2.0: Flickr co-founder launches – "The latest company she’s co-founded, — a small, eleven-person outfit — is designed to answer any question, whether it’s what kind of dog you should rescue from the pound, how best to respond to a personal insult or which conference to attend. As it recommends, it also learns, developing over time unique profiles of its users." still testing…

Bruce Sterling Interview: Cities – "But I'd also like to point out that large financial centers in certain cities around the planet are certainly going to kill millions of us by destroying our social safety networks in the name of their imaginary financial efficiency. You're a thousand times more likely to die because of what some urban banker did in 2008 than from what some Afghan-based terrorist did in 2001."

The IT Crowd We want you to be the first to know that we’re going to have an exclusive online premiere of the first episode of The IT Crowd series 4 from Friday this week! – "We want you to be the first to know that we’re going to have an exclusive online premiere of the first episode of The IT Crowd series 4 from Friday this week! More details will follow."

Long Road to Adulthood Is Growing Even Longer – “Baby boomers have long been considered the generation that did not want to grow up, perpetual adolescents even as they become eligible for Social Security. Now, a growing body of research shows that the real Peter Pans are not the boomers, but the generations that have followed. For many, by choice or circumstance, independence no longer begins at 21.” i am 48 and still a baby.

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