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Top World Cup Players on Facebook, Day by Day – "Millions of people around the world have been actively supporting – or complaining about – their favorite teams and players. Below, players are sized according to the number of mentions on Facebook during each day of the World Cup."

The Evolution of the World Cup Ball – stunning.

vuvuzela hits – double cd

1284 – O último gol do Pelé (Subtitle: EN, ES) – "Pelé: "Se desse para fazer um replay na minha vida, talvez se eu fizesse o meu último gol com a Seleção Brasileira, eu gostaria"

# France # Interview de Grégoire Tauxe – david blanc proofs, its ALL in the subtexte [in french]

Links! And a new German South Park style music video! – “German band Basta have come out with a new version of their song "Gimme Hope Joachim" and it's just as delightful as the first. Mostly because Poldi and Schweinsteiger are still holding hands.”

Ronaldo reacts to post-defeat close-up by spitting – “Whether done with rude intentions or not, the immediate reaction from many on Twitter was to accuse him of acting like a sore loser. The Daily Mail, meanwhile, is going with the easy headline of: "Cristiano Ronaldo's Spitting Mad at TV Camera after Portugal Exit" and Irish television pundits are debating the intent.”

Ow, Get Out Of My Face (GIF) – “Argentina's Gabrel Heinze attacked a cameraman, was it warranted?”

England Vs Germany On Twitter – "Here comes Emile Heskey, because apparently England are not losing badly enough"

Is France in the grip of an existential Crisis? – “But this is how it feels being French at the moment. It is only natural that we see in our team's behaviour a reflection of Sarkozyism which has fuelled our current crisis since the presidential election in May 2007. When the French president tells a member of the public at the Paris agricultural fair who doesn't want to shake his hand to "sod off, you cretin," why shouldn't a French footballer call his coach a "filthy son of a whore"?"”

Dog vs. Vuvuzela – Dog Wins – "This is Glacier – The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. She completely owns the vuvuzela as you can see. 10 Month old female."

online vid killed the…

Cranbrook Deer – "The dog eventually left limping—since posting here we have been able to contact the lady. THE DOG IS OKAY, but traumatized."

This is England 86: a trailer for Shane Meadows' debut TV drama – "Director Shane Meadows makes his TV debut on Channel 4 in September with This Is England 86, a four-part followup to his Bafta-winning film. The drama serial revisits the same Grimsby gang during the Mexico World Cup."

The Freedom Charter on Vimeo

iPhone4 vs HTC Evo – lol

I Am The World's Most Interesting Intern – "Greg Justice here, Social Media intern in the Communications department for Cisco Systems. I AM THE WORLD'S MOST INTERESTING INTERN."

schmooze and abuse

BitTorrent Only TV-Show Becomes Huge Success – "Supported by many BitTorrent sites and other major players in the P2P-scene, the exclusive BitTorrent release of the first episode of Pioneer One has become a huge success. With more than a million downloads in two weeks, and over $20,000 in donations to work on future episodes, the project’s success has exceeded the expectations of its makers." while i write this Transmission just went ding!

Rude Boy: Jamaican Music on Japanese Consoles – "This album is a collection of reggae, ska, dub, and everything in between, played on a variety of game consoles."


With World Watching, Wikileaks Falls Into Disrepair – "Would-be whistle-blowers hoping to leak documents to Wikileaks face a potentially frustrating surprise. Wikileaks’ submission process, which had been degraded for months, completely collapsed more than two weeks ago and remains offline, in a little-noted breakdown at the world’s most prominent secret-spilling website."

Free Range: Hash – “I just made out with your husband! #kidding #hewishes #likeIwouldadmititanyway #ToddPalin”
Amazing how rich and complex 140 characters with a few symbols thrown in can be.

Hackers Can Turn Your Home Computer Into A Bomb and Blow Your Family to Smithereens! – if i was a terrorist i would probably think right now, damn, why didnt i think of that…

coilhouse 5 cover – "it features Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana, channeling Jamaican-American superwoman Grace Jones in a monumental image by Iranian-born, Paris-based photographer Ali Mahdavi."

proclaiming my love at a scenic overlook on top of a mountain – "tree carving"

Facebook Becoming a Prime Source for Divorce Case Evidence – "It’s all good and fine to propose via Twitter these days or to change your relationship status at the altar, but when your love has faded and your thoughts turn to divorce, you’d better un-friend your soon-to-be-ex long before the ink dries. What he or she sees on your profile may very well be used against you in court. "

New From Evan Roth: Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures – "Evan Roth has just launched a new project that is currently on exhibition at the Kunsthalle Museum. It's a 3D printed data visualization of a 7 second tag, frozen in time."

Safe Passage – "new media project about human rights in Israel, allows the user to experience interactively the restrictions on movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and understand the grave consequences resulting from the separation of Gaza and the West Bank for people living in the two areas"

Icelander’s Campaign Is a Joke, Until He’s Elected – Biography – "No one has to be afraid of the Best Party,” he said, “because it is the best party. If it wasn’t, it would be called the Worst Party or the Bad Party. We would never work with a party like that."

The Life of Tobias Wong, Designer – "Given this history, many people who were close to him believe that his death was not an act of will, but, like other sleepwalking episodes, a bizarre out-of-character act that ended tragically."

swiss focus

Art Basel 2010: Swiss Art Award fuer Internet-Analysen der Kuenstler Wachter und Jud – "Es existiert eine geheime Sperrliste, zu englisch blacklist, an die sich zehn Schweizer Internet-Provider halten, andere Provider nicht. Die Liste soll kinderpornographische Inhalte sperren: Wer solche gesperrten Inhalte aufruft, gelangt auf eine Seite von KOBIK, der Koordinationsstelle zur Bekämpfung der Internetkriminalität. Das aktuellste Kunstprojekt "Blacklist" von Christoph Wachter und Mathias Jud bildet Teil der Sonderausstellung "Swiss Art Awards" der Art Basel, die am Mittwoch ihre Tore öffnete."

Balduin «4» – "After last year's trip to the rainbow, Balduin travels further and serve his fourth fresh meal of 22 creative cooked tracks. As simply as the album title, Balduin will release it for the first time only on digital stores worldwide."

Bleiberecht-Kollektiv Zürich – "Wir nehmen die unmenschliche Schweizer Asyl- und Migrationspolitik nicht länger widerstandslos hin. Deshalb besetzen wir seit letzten Samstag die kleine Schanze in Bern."

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