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online video killed the …

How to pull out a tooth with a rocket… – apparently the son wanted to pull his tooth this way, the question remains, should you let him…

MIA — Paper Planes Brentwood Redux – "All I want to do is watch this video and so will you when you realize M.I.A. has lost her cred and she's living in Suburbia now." nice spoof

cows & cows & cows – coreographed cowbubbles… lololol

OLD SPICE REMIX: by Mike Relm – bitchin'

schmooze and abuse

One-pan wonder recipe – "I continue the tahini theme from last week with an unusual use of tahini as a raw paste rather than the more common diluted sauce." and another yumm.

‘Yes Men’ Use BitTorrent To Avoid Censorship – "The Yes Men are a culture jamming activist duo who expose the lies and social problems caused by governments and corporations. In their much awarded films they impersonate people in power to bring out the truth. Because the US Chamber of Commerce is suing their asses, they have now turned to BitTorrent to get their message out."

BP Photoshops Another Official Image Terribly – "This week it came to light that BP had photoshopped—poorly—an official image of their crisis command center. Apparently, that wasn't an isolated incident. Let's take a closer look at this view from a helicopter, shall we?"

osymyso: New tracks on Do Or D.I.Y. session. – "I recently made a 10 minute session for the brilliant show, Do Or D.I.Y. presented by People Like Us. The session is 10 minutes long and is comprised of all new osymyso goodness, I've never uploaded any of the bits contained in the mix before" and it’s all good again. osymyso must be the greatest music maker who never made it big. yet.

As Lindsay Lohan heads to jail, other famous faces who've had mugshots. – "The actress, 24, who turned up for prison looking more like a starlet than a jailbird, isn't the only well-known person to have seen the inside of a cell, as a new book highlights."

Fart-operated TV remote – "On Instructables, Schmidtn posted how-to instructions for his Fart Operated Random Channel TV Remote." this, sir, is a must-have!

The DJ Shadow Remix Project- Limited Edition CD – "The DJ Shadow Remix Project began as an experiment to see if we could engage and empower the online remixing community. Initially, Mike (Fiebach, of and I figured we'd award a prize through the site, stream a few winning mixes, and leave it at that. Eighty or so submissions later, I started thinking 'Hmm, maybe we should open this up a little.'

Ian Bogost – Cow Clicker – "Cow Clicker is a Facebook game about Facebook games. It's partly a satire, and partly a playable theory of today's social games, and partly an earnest example of that genre."

'The Breakup 2.0:' A look at how new media is used to end relationships – "I was interested in the ways in which people were using new media to break up with each other and also the ways in which new media — which is designed to create connections — creates all sorts of problems when you're using it to disconnect,"

The Physical Transformations Of Maradona & Dunga – pretty cool morphing job

Invaders to Tetris – made in lego now

Jessica Harrison – 2010 – splatter porcelain [via rebel:art]

Patti Smith — Dream Of Life — A film by Steven Sebring – my friend laura plotkin really recommends this documentary, tempted to order it.

Crime Scene : San Francisco's unluckiest thief – "the 31-year-old city resident rode a bicycle up to a woman Monday afternoon in the South of Market neighborhood, snatched an iPhone out of her hands, and then pedaled away. Problem was, the woman was carrying the phone as part of a company's demonstration of a real-time GPS tracking program. If the bandit would have taken a peek at the screen, he would have seen himself traveling across a map of San Francisco."

Ryan Babel’s intriguing story about swimming trunks – "find out exactly what happens when people like Ryan Babel start twatting on Twitter, convinced that other people actually give a tupenny ha’penny about their “hilarious” shopping anecdotes." another total babel fail

Football versus the vuvuzela – "The majority of football clubs look set to jump on the anti-vuvuzela bandwagon by banning the controversial instrument from games next season. Ryman Division One South side Whyteleafe became the first club in the country to officially prohibit the vuvuzela and, since then, others have followed suit." oh boy, this had to happen

Accaspokenword pema yo – acapella rap asking for some producer to work it

Taking Web Humor Seriously, Sort Of – "Goofy pictures of cats, Hitler screaming about Kanye West, Sad Keanu Reeves – these are the products of vast Internet collaboration. And we should take them seriously. Sort of." article might be locked now … ffs

Bill Murray on Ghostbusters 3, Get Low, Ron Howard, and Kung Fu Hustle
– "he is also a man beholden to no one, not the studios, not the audience, not even an agent."

English Premier League clubs ban vuvuzelas – "Fans hoping to replicate that famous vuvuzela World Cup drone back in England face disappointment after several Premier League clubs banned the deafening trumpets from their stadiums." thank god for that…

Glimpse – "Passing through the everyday spaces we inhibit, the door half opened always stirs up a sense of seduction and curiosity within us. Inspired by these ordinary yet inexplicable moments in our daily lives,I designed a mirror that gives an illusion of a door opening on any given surface."

Sergio Ramos: Charity Win, Follicular Fail – "We never want to mock or scorn footballers who take time out from their holidays to do charity work. That’s why we’re saying nothing. Nothing at all. Not a corn-rowed, plaited, braid of a word about Sergio Ramos and his head game situ in Senegal while working with UNICEF."

OFM vegetarian recipe special – "This Sunday’s Observer Food Monthly is a vegetarian special, guest edited by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney."

The Ghosts of Facebook – "When you die, what happens to your Facebook profile? That’s a question that most Facebookers don’t really think about, but with 500 million members, the problems of death and ghost accounts are becoming very real for the website" might be locked now… ffs

crap at my parents house – "The goal of Crap At My Parents House is to pay homage to all of the weird crap that everyone's parents have. Please help in this project by submitting anything you deem funny, weird, odd, unique, strange, absurd, ridiculous or just plain terrifying."

Why Do Anonymous Geeks Hate Scientologists? – "NYU professor Gabriella Coleman opened this profoundly profanity laced academic talk with a question: why have internet enthusiasts been drawn to denounce Scientology so vehemently for two decades? Scientology, she explained, has provided a perfect nemesis for geekery."

Invisible Paris: Victims of Fashion – "On the Rue du Faubourg du Temple, an original shop sign stands witness to a period when men literally killed for a pair of shoes. These men were known as the Apaches, and they took their clothing very seriously!"

Ricky Gervais takes control – "But why weren't you trying? Was it fear of failure? "Honest answer: I think it was laziness." But you're so unlazy now. "I'm a workaholic." So what happened? "I found something I really loved."

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