mouthwatering cd: home crowd

home crowd, the 2nd mouthwatering cd, will be available in the coming weeks.
i had the opportunity to listen to a pre-release cd.
and it’s a wonderful compilation!
compared to the first mouthwatering cd – and of course one should never compare – it is a much less ecclectic selection.
things are tougher, more serious, a bit darker and surely less suffused with humour.
but home crowd convinces in other areas. it is presented as a continous dj-mix this time, so it moves through many styles from house to 2step to breakbeats to techno, almost all the tracks are therefore in the same dancefloor tempo, the common thread being strong dubby influences. the quality of the mix is okay, sometimes i found the transitions to be a bit on the abrupt side.
the eternal question seems unadressed:
who wants to listen to club-music at home?
home crowd may not be home-listening.
but this is a great cd to listen to while driving towards a sunset or at dawn or while driving in a car period.
car-music. background party-music. trainride-music.
look out for it in the next weeks, or order it online, i think…

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