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online video killed the …

Stealing Beaty (Trailer) – these guys used an ikea store to create their movie…

FRED THE RAVER (sub zero remix of djss-we came to entertain) – what an incredibly cool kid. this video is also simply worth it to read the parents disclaimers… "Not too worry.. the music was not too loud.. i have super imposed a small fraction of the original audio back into the file… the car isnt fitted with any big audio systems or anything its just a standard car system"

Washing Machine Self Destructs REMIX – "Gave it eyes and a soul."

Emily Henochowicz Speaks Out: Art Student Who Lost Her Eye After Being Shot by Israeli Tear Gas Canister – "Emily Henochowicz Speaks Out: Art Student Who Lost Her Eye After Being Shot by Israeli Tear Gas Canister in West Bank Protest Discusses Her Life, Her Art, and Why She Plans to Return"

Know Your Meme: Playing Dead/Lying Down Game – "The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies investigates two internet photo memes: Playing Dead and Lying Down Game."

Made-Up – "A hesitant girl tries to be someone else. She loses herself… quite literally."

Eva Mendes Sex Tape – "The sex tape everyone has been waiting for with Eva Mendes is finally here and you won't believe what kinds of positions she gets into"

You Got Vuvuzela'd! – "From the folks that brought us “Rick Rolling”, it’s time to get Vuvuzela’d!"

schmooze and abuse
Wipeout recreated with an RC car and lots of cardboard – "He decided to create a track out of cardboard reminiscent of the Wipeout tracks. He then hooked up a wireless camera to a remote control car, and modified the controller to be an arcade cabinet with a wheel and forward/reverse selector."

CaptchArt – "Captcha Interpretive Art, courtesy of Anon" "art" created with the help of captchas.

Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered – "A group of influential conservative members of the behemoth social media site have just been caught red-handed in a widespread campaign of censorship, having multiple accounts, upvote padding, and deliberately trying to ban progressives."

Fresh Stuff From Princess Hijab – her work is as stunning as ever. i also like the photo, the clash between the woman passing by and the poster

There's more energy in wasted food than there is in the Gulf of Mexico – "Americans aren't, technically, eating an average of 3774 calories per day. This figure is calculated by looking at food produced, divided by the number of Americans. It assumes we're eating all that, but, in reality, according to environmental scientist Gidon Eshel we really only eat about 2800 calories per day. That whopping 3774 includes both what we eat—and what we waste."

our reading list – "compiled from the original short list of everyone's must-read books"

Obsessive Internet Use Linked with Depression in Teens – "Excessive online behavior tends to occur as a result of conditions such as anxiety and depression, either as a way to self-medicate or as a manifestation of the person's mental state. But what about the reverse? Could pathological Internet browsing lead to depression or other mental problems in people who are otherwise healthy?"

How Apple's App Store Censoring Process Works – "their fate is in the hands of the seemingly capricious Gods of the App Store. Gods who give the thumbs up or thumbs down following little logic or method, no matter if the developer is a big print publication or an independent artist."

Rustic Fig Pizza With Sprouted Kitchen – "The crust has a nice nutty flavor from the whole wheat, a savory bite from the herbs, and if you aren’t partial to fresh figs or goat cheese, it is your canvas for any flavor combination you choose."

Taiwanese woman catches 4 million mosquitoes – "A Taiwanese woman has taken a sizeable bite out of Taiwan's mosquito population, and won a 3,000 US dollar cash prize, by catching around 4 million of the bloodsuckers in just one month." doesn't realy say how she killed them though

Interview: Cow Clicker Yields Ruminations On Social Gaming's Tense Battle Lines – "I think a great many social game developers are mistaking the success of their games for positive contributions to humanity,"

The Interview, 31/07/2010 Joi Ito – "The trick he says, is to be in position when they arrive and his formula for doing so is a curious mix of networking, Buddhist philosophy and serendipity"

Who’s in the Blogosphere? – "Have you ever wondered who and what the blogosphere consisted of? Well, luckily a recent study was undertaken by Technorati, in order to help put things in perspective. "

Naked woman falls through roof in Aberdeen – "A naked woman fell 60ft through a roof in Aberdeen after a kinky romp – and walked away with only minor injuries."

Fashion Police Thwarted: Sagging is Legal – "You have the right to look ridiculous."

Why Divorce? Just Stay Separated – "Technically, the two are married. They file joint tax returns; she’s covered by his insurance. But they see each other just several times a year. “Since separating we get along better than we ever have,” he said. “It’s kind of nice.” "

He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died – "Yesterday I came across a slightly mysterious website — a collection of Polaroids, one per day, from March 31, 1979 through October 25, 1997. There’s no author listed, no contact info, and no other indication as to where these came from."

RIAA ‘Protects’ Radiohead’s In Rainbows – "In 2007 Radiohead sent a shockwave through the music industry by allowing fans to download their new ‘self-released’ album ‘In Rainbows’ for whatever price they wanted to pay, including nothing. Fast-forward three years and the RIAA and IFPI are sending takedown notices to people who share that album online. What happened?"

swiss focus

Minergie ist auf dem Mietmarkt rar – "Wer in Bern eine Mietwohnung mit tiefem Energieverbrauch sucht, wird selten fündig. Der Grund ist ein Sanierungsstau bei energetisch schlechten Altbauten, die den Löwenanteil des Marktes ausmachen. " mentions burgunderstrasse, where we will be moving soon.

Carrotmob Bern – first carrotmob in bern

Artyou | Urbane Kunst Basel – Streetart, graphic Art, Illustration, in Basel

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