where is this going?

i am aware, that i have not been very vulnerable lately in my blog. it’s because i have nothing personal to say. nothing new anyway…
so i am afraid this has turned into a regular been-there-done-that blog. pseudo-journalism, is what we call it in our more lucid moments.
my life is inna rut. still!
for the umpteens time.
what should i do next?
the only thing i am good at is telling people what’s cool. so that should make me a hip-scout or a journalist. but i am too old to be a hip-scout and not ambitious enough to be a journalist [because journalism nowadays is more about good use of ellbows than writing skills]
so i have been keeping myself busy, is all.
but my manic phase is wearing off. i am faced with this huge emptiness, that i have been trying to avoid.
where is this going?

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