pork *oink oink*

ts ts tsssss
the things the meat-industry does to keep selling their drugs … unbelievable!

pork4kids.com is a scary pro-meat website trying to encourage kids to eat more pork. especially eerie is the game section with among others the make your own pig costume game, where kids are made to dress up as pigs … prolly before they eat a ham sandwich. mother: “kids! i made you a ham sandwich. but first we put on our pig costumes..”

porkrind.com as a website is in and off itself just plain terrible. but when you find the porn section things get actually terrifying! naked models showing their pussies and captions saying things like: i can’t decise what tastes better, your pussy or porkrind.com brand pork rinds or i may be dumb as a box of rocks: but i know what i like: porkrind.com brand pork rinds. this is soooo desperate.

porkracing.com apparently is a car racing team sponsored by the National Pork Board. their claim: pork – the other white meat: racing, real smoothe wording, innit? the website comes complete with a photo/video section and racing recipes [???], which are prolly recipes you can cook while racing. no wait, this is confusing…

oh lets not forget hot-dog.org! by all means. would you care to help in planing the 2003 national hot dog month? anyone? plus there are many many hot errr hot dog recipes! a winner!

and with that i sign off back into my vegetarian world, oh my gosh …

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