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online video killed the …

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting – "We use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad."

Не говорите ктоя…. – they dubbed him yoda cat, and he is sad…

how to snap like a diva – "how to snap…. read the title… snap"

Everything is OK Montage – “meditation is a waste of good shopping time”

schmooze and abuse

BREAKING: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to Host Opposing Rallies in Washington D.C. – "This October 30th, will you Restore Sanity with Jon or Keep Fear Alive with Stephen?"

Yotam Ottolenghi's beetroot and saffron rice recipe – "Serve with stewed green beans and yoghurt." will do, yottam, will do.

Open Source Facebook Contender Releases Code to Public – "Diaspora, an open source challenger to Facebook, hit its first milestone Wednesday, releasing code for fellow hackers to test drive and improve."

Yoga bear in Finland – shots of a female brown bear doing her morning stretches

Team Ico Collection: Out In 2011, Has Some Surprises – "The Team Ico Collection – a high-definition remastering of two of the PS2 generation's finest titles – will be out next year, the developers said earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show."

ToneCheck stops you from sending passive aggressive (or plain aggressive) e-mails – "Windows only (for now): ToneCheck is an e-mail plug-in that checks the content of your e-mails for tone and alerts you to language that may be misunderstood or interpreted as particularly negative."

Meet the new – "An easier, faster, and richer experience."

Banksy forgers sentenced to community service – "The pair who sold fake prints claiming they were by the graffiti artist have also been banned from selling anything on the internet for five years"

Grilled Vegetables with Miso Glaze (Japan) – "enjoy these tasty grilled vegetables: slices of eggplant, zucchini, onion, and shiitake mushrooms, cooked on a griddle and finished with a miso glaze."

Four Lions / Background Reading – "We've received many enquiries for background material on the film so taking the Quran as given, here's a selection of good and readable books."

Former Employees of Zynga Reveal Company's Shady Idealogy – gamrFeed – "According to a recent article from the SF Weekly blogs, the unofficial company policy at social game developer Zynga is about as underhanded as you can get. The article alleges it has quotes from former employees on what constitutes a culture of copying at the developer of the internet crack sensation FarmVille."

Damning Zuckerberg IMs confirmed – “A series of "embarrassing and damaging" IMs from Mark Zuckerberg have been confirmed by The New Yorker, and by the Facebook founder himself" – Rss subscribe

"Def Surrounds Us" b/w "I've Been Trying" | DJ Shadow – "Both are beasts, and both are classic Shadow. Free download for 24 hours." get tjem free while you can.

Mir gefällts und es gefällt mir! – – deep german shit

swiss focus

So funktioniert's – “Als STANDARD- oder PREMIUM-Mitglied wird Ihr Smartphone zum Portemonnaie”

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