words with friends brings out the worst in people

during my trip to california someone turned me onto the iPhone/iPad game words wth friends. at first i was pretty exited, but this has quickly changed to something very negative. words with friends brings out the worst type of behavior in people, the anonymity of the web seems to feed it.

scrabble is a classic social game that encourages competitive as much as it does team play. when people play scrabble at home with their friends or family and one player starts to build strange clusters to milk more points for himself, there is a good chance that the people in the room will start to call him on it. no such thing will happen when playing words with friends online with strangers and i found that even playing it with friends they start to play much more egotistically just to scramble more points. the social aspect of the game gets lost, just the competitive part remains, no more fun, the game play gets formulaic and turns very boring very fast.

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