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Violent climate change ad draws ire – "A bit of shock-agit-prop media was recently released by the 10:10 climate change campaign folks in the UK, only to be withdrawn later and replaced with apologies from organizers. The ad, embedded above, features various citizens being exploded in gushes of blood after failing to commit to the 10% reduction measures the campaign promotes."

Paineilmakitarakisa Siurualla – "Oulussa ilmakitarakisat, Siurualla paineilmakitarakisat" the most awesome bicycle air tube solo you will ever see

John Legend and The Roots Cover The Arcade Fire – "In this Spike Lee-directed live video, John Legend and The Roots give us their Character Approved version of one of the best songs of the 2000s."

Over 9000! – "The term “Over 9000″ is an internet meme that originated in a Dragon Ball Z episode and is often used to describe “a lot” of something. Internet Meme scientist Mike gives us the history and evolving use of this fascinating meme."

5 Inspiring Celebrity Videos Tell Gay Teens “It Gets Better” – "A couple of weeks ago, sex columnist and LGBT activist Dan Savage announced “It Gets Better,” a YouTube project designed to give hope to gay, lesbian and transgendered teens facing discrimination and bullying."

schmooze and abuse

Last Pic Standing – "One picture, anybody can change it." great idea, but risky… might well be nsfw.

The Daily Show: Rally to Restore Sanity Tee – i'm with <s>stupid</s> reasonable.

Just look at these awesome banana-sticker design contest winners. – "Chiquita Banana Sticker Design Contest" fantastic

This Painting Is Not Available In Your Country – "This painting is not available in your country" (2010) imagines what it would be like if art galleries were run like Hulu and other Interweb sites that don’t allow international visitors"

The Urban Speaker – "The Urban Speaker is an art installation that transforms public space into an instant stage for mass communication. This portable urban furniture allows people to broadcast their voice in public by calling a telephone number from their mobile phones." brilliant

Beware Troll Bay: XKCD Updates Map of Online Communities – "The chart, which can be viewed over at XKCD, compares the sizes of different sites on the web, based on how much socializing — talking, playing, sharing, listening, etc. — takes place there. It’s full of interesting nuggets of information, internet in-jokes and references to memes and web culture."

The .ly domain space to be considered unsafe – "In other words we felt that the registry was claiming it has deleted our domain for infringements that do not actually form any part of their regulations."

Inhabitat: A Taste For Recycling – "I quite admire the good people whose work is featured in this Character Approved Inhabitat gallery, because they have taken that knowledge and have chosen to make their products from undesirable materials."

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android – and all the other mobile lawsuits, visually – "The mobile battlefield: lawsuits and license agreements in progress or completed over mobile patents. Some suits have been settled."

Chocolate Eaters at Lower Risk for Heart Disease – "Want to cut your risk of heart disease in half? Try eating a little chocolate each day. That’s right chocolate lovers, indulge!" woooheeee, i'm onnit

Apple Pulls BitTorrent iPhone App from Store – "Apple has removed the BitTorrent iPhone app IS Drive from the App Store. We reported with some surprise the news of the app's acceptance, but this news isn't surprising."

ThinkGeek :: Super Mario and Luigi Adult Costumes – "Dress up like Mario or Luigi
Great for Halloween, geek conventions, Tuesday
Sizes from Small to X-Large
Read more…"

After Katrina, Richard Misrach Captured Writing on the Wall – "Photographer Richard Misrach went to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina to capture images of the messages people had left on buildings and cars in graffiti when they didn't have any other way to express themselves"

Google Goggles for iPhone Now Available – FFS google gaggel only works in the US???

Ajax’s Oleguer caught on camera taking part in Amsterdam mini-riot – "Scruffy intellectual Ajax defender Oleguer has caused a stir in the Netherlands after being caught on camera lending his support to an anti-capitalist rally which marched through Amsterdam on Friday, in protest at new laws banning squatting."

The Reality of MMORPG Addiction – "The introduction of MMORPGs changed the rules of gaming and created an atmosphere rife with addiction potential. People that are wallflowers and unable to cope socially in real life can create the perfect avatar to reflect who they wish they could be"

5 Experiences that Redefined Online Gaming in 2010 – "Gaming has shifted in the past decade from an introverted, anti-social experience to the connected, social space that is modern online gaming. Its rapid evolution, however, has made it a difficult thing to define."

DTotD: De Jong breaks Ben Arfa's leg, gets dropped by Holland – "Trying to put his foot through Xabi Alonso's chest or nearly crippling Stuart Holden while wearing a Netherlands shirt apparently wasn't enough for van Marwijk. Nope. But seeing pictures of this?" finally de jong gets dropped

Rockstar vs Daily Star: a landmark moment in games coverage? – "The publisher of Grand Theft Auto has been awarded "substantial" damages after taking the Daily Star to court over an inaccurate news story. Will this prove a benchmark moment?"

Sound System Scratch: funky drum box dub-plate special – “…the story goes that this recording features the very first drum machine to arrive on the island. Programmed by Familyman Barret and his brother…”

Gestalten launches eBooks! – "Gestalten celebrates the launch of its digital publications by bringing one of our most beloved and bestselling books to the iPad. You can now get the Grimm: Illustrated Fairy Tales book through the Apple iBook store and have your favorite fairy tale book with you all the time on any of your Apple devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod." sadly i can't find this in the swiss iBook store. ffs.

Kurt Cobain’s unsent letter to MTV – "A 1993 unsent letter to MTV written by Kurt Cobain is up for auction" sigh, that's so in his spirit…

IT Crowd DVD boxed set, complete with fantasy RPG! – "Just out: The special edition 4-DVD box set of 'The IT Crowd' series 1-4 includes a two-sided board game. On one side, the board is laid out like the IT department office at Reynholm Industries. The other side transforms the layout of the IT department office into a fantasy world where Moss and Roy's office becomes the 'Great Hall of Heroes,' and Jen's office becomes the 'Lair of Aunt Irma.' Amazon's photos of the board game are huge and extremely detailed."

The ‘Legal Blackmail’ Business: Inside a P2P-Settlement Factory – "K pornographer Jasper Feversham was fed up. The Internets were sharing his films. He wanted revenge—or at least a cut. So Feversham signed on to a relatively new scheme: track down BitTorrent infringers, convert their IP addresses into real names, and blast out warning letters threatening litigation if they didn't cough up a few hundred quid."

Shocking: Apple Approves BitTorrent App For App Store – "However, one developer who carefully avoided the dirty word “torrent” in the submission process, eventually managed to get a BitTorrent-related App approved by Apple." i can't find the app, so this is either US only or has been banned in the meantime.

Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption – "Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives."

swiss focus

«Das Magazin» nur noch kostenpflichtig und ausschliesslich für iPad – "Unsere Artikel sind ab jetzt nicht mehr gratis auf der «MAGAZIN»-Webseite zugänglich. Dafür ist «DAS MAGAZIN» ab sofort auch als iPad-Version erhältlich." weekly magazin decides to switch to pay-only model with the release of their iPad app. even own an iPad, but this makes me not want to support the add.

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