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online video killed the …

knowyourmeme: Joseph Baron Ducreux is an 18th… – "Pro tip: throw on some face powder for an authentic pale look, carry rap music with you at all times and school your friends in archaic verses when necessary."

Brother Sharp – "KnowYourMeme internet scientist Elspeth Jane gives us the cause and effect of the handsome meme we know as ‘Brother Sharp’."

Awesome fan made GTA IV video will blow you away – "A user named kitty076 has made this awesome fan made movie based on 2008′s huge hit Grand Theft Auto IV."

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook. – "Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States" yeh, fuck u very much… i want to see this snl sketch

Simpsons – banksy done did it

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing Radio Duck – "As his frustration turns into despair Donald discovers a seemingly sympathetic voice coming from his radio named Glenn Beck."

Mickey Mouse Discovers the Government Cartoon Conspiracy Against Glenn Beck – "Glenn Beck has a moral for you in this mashup and it is that you should remix as many Fox and Disney clips as you can because it's all fair use!"

Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster – sesame street spoofs old spice, lololol

schmooze and abuse

BULLSHIT! – “I’m dealing with a lot of Bullshit right now. It’s coming at me from every angle like some kind of horrific splatter scene in a Coprophagiac’s porn flick.” oh, sounds familiar, go on..

Viaggio uomo lady – classy yet surprisingly affordable italian bikes, we bumped into a factory and shop in celle, italy.

TED Brings "Ideas Worth Spreading" to the iPad – "TED, a small non-profit dedicated to spreading the ideas and reflections of leading minds, released its first official app, which is available exclusively for the iPad, Thursday morning."

The Tate Modern's New Art Installation: 100 Million Hand-Painted Sunflower Seeds – "Weiwei's seeds—all 100 million of them—are not actual sunflower seeds but porcelain replicas, hand-crafted and individually painted over the course of two years by some 1600 Chinese artisans."

NYT for iPad Now Offers Full Content, Still Free (For Now) – "The full-content version of the New York Times is now available on the iPad, and it’s free." hmm, should i even get hooked?

Grow Tomatoes Upside Down – "All you need to start an upside-down garden is a 5 gallon bucket or similar container, a plant, and a bag of potting soil. " must try this at home…

The World According to San Francisco. – "I was distractedly editing this in a coffeeshop and a guy leaned over and said, “I’m going to Cocaine this week.”"

Free photo sharing service has many pluses – "A pair of Boston-area entrepreneurs have launched a free photo-sharing service called that makes distributing slideshows of your pictures as simple as dragging and dropping them onto a Web page, then sending out a resulting short URL via email, Twitter or Facebook."

Loving Couples – "The artist found damaged porcelain lovers on a flea market and 'restored' them by adding a replacement head that belongs to a more contemporary and less bucolic culture."

Osteria La Bua – Ristorante, Vineria ed Eventi – Mondovì – Cuneo – great looking restaurant in mondovi, very vegetarian friendly, innovative italian kitchen, sadly open only wed – sunday

Damn Fine Tea – "Only a few teas meet our mysterious, rigorous standards and we’re proud to offer them to you. We’re always looking for that perfect cup, so you don’t have to."

Büro Destruct Apps updates to v1.1 – "Büro Destruct Apps are all updated to version 1.1. New features are:"

A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years – "44) Your dream life will increasingly look like Google Street View 45) We will accept the obvious truth that we brought this upon ourselves "

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