p.m. dreamed it yet again

neustart schweiz

last night i went to a talk by p.m., the author of the pretty great bolo’bolo book all these years ago. older, distinguished, grey haired he presented a new, equally simple theory, how we could organize the planet, yup, the whole damn planet, and keep everyone at 1000 watt energy usage. it was brilliant, humorous, smart, ironic. the numbers seemed to make sense. neustartschweiz.ch

as i sat there i thought to myself, let’s just go with this, let’s just give this theory a try. but instantly after his talk people started to nitpick the theory, getting stuck on terminologies and details. how will we ever change things if even a small room of not even 100 lefties can’t agree on anything?

it’s goddamn hopeless…

this talk was part of the vision2035.ch event-series organized by mathias stalder

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