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the yes men vs. chevron

We Can Change Chevron – "Chevron wants us to believe they care. Yet, from California to Ecuador they are destroying communities, the climate and our planet."

Chevron Thinks We're Stupid from FOD Team, Kulap Vilaysack, Seth , Brian Lane, and The Yes Men – clever subversion of the chevron campaign

Beating Chevron to the punch: "We Agree" in D.C. – "Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch and the Yes Men organize a counter-campaign to ask Chevron if "We Agree???""

online video killed the …

David Beckham's Hidden Camera Fun! – “call me ricky”


Modder creates Portal t-shirt – "Notorious hacker Benjamin Heckendorn — aka Ben Heck — has created a “see-through” Portal t-shirt that is perfect for freaking out kids this Halloween."

Pileup Guy – like double rainbow guy, but with cars

Das Racist – Ek Shaneesh [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – whacky hip hop, their style remind me of latryx

schmooze and abuse

Lentils, radicchio and walnuts with manuka honey recipe – "Rich, sweet, sticky honey paired with crunchy, spicy walnuts and bitter radicchio topped with cheese – what's not to like?” no really, do i need to post more of these?

I Can't Find My Phone – is your phone hidden somewhere in your flat under a pile of dirty laundry?

Update: Evol – i like this, simple yet effective idea.

David James puts up with lower-league life – "David James is not your average millionaire footballer – he is honest and this is refreshing. But what this honesty actually reveals is that he's not so different from his former colleagues as some people (including David James) might like to think."

How to guard yourself and your Mac from Firesheep and Wi-Fi snooping – "Unfortunately, since most of those networks don't employ WEP or WPA passwords to secure the connection between device and hotspot, every byte and packet that's transmitted back and forth is visible to all the computers on the wireless LAN, all the time."

Laughs in short supply on the Daily Show as Obama gets serious with Jon Stewart – "Obama makes history as the first sitting president to be interview on the Comedy Central show"

Looks Like BoingBoing Got Hacked (NSFW) – "Something is definitely up at uber nerd site and “Directory of Wonderful Things” A trip to the front page brings up the charming image above, which seems to be some sort of vulgar message from someone called “the|one” to site editor Cory Doctorow. The hack also ingeniously incorporates the “Jessi Slaughter ‘You Dun Goofed’” viral video."

swiss focus

Ein Chelsea-Hotel am Uetliberg – "Das frühere Luxushotel Atlantis soll in den nächsten Jahren als Unterkunft für Künstler dienen. Kulturschaffende sollen in den 150 Zimmern ihr Atelier einrichten und dort für ein paar Monate arbeiten. So würde der Betonbau am Fusse des Uetlibergs zu einem Hotel im Stil des Chelsea Hotels in New York, dem legendären «Künstlerhotel», in dem Maler, Musiker und Schriftsteller übernachten." Love the Photo!

Clark's candid photos unsettle the Swiss – "Two of Clark's photographs featuring a brother and sister have now been withdrawn from an exhibition at the Paul Klee centre in Bern (“Vice and Voluptuousness, the Seven Capital Sins from Dürer to Nauman”, until February 20), along with a watercolour by the late German artist George Grosz which reportedly shows the private parts of two women."

World Cup star Paul the Psychic Octopus is DEAD – "He appears to have passed away peacefully during the night of natural causes."

Wi-Fi Direct Connects Any Wi-Fi Device to Any Other Wi-Fi Device Anywhere – "The Wi-Fi Alliance is about to drop a wireless connectivity bombshell called Wi-Fi Direct that will enable device-to-device connections using current Wi-Fi standards." bring it

Top 10: Science Pop Songs – “This is one for all those pedantics who point out the mistakes in songs. Simon Singh got Katie Melua to re-record Nine Million Bicycles due to its scientific errors.”

Flimé – the cannibal restaurant – the german vegetarian foundation punk everyone when they announce a carniverous restaurant, see what happens

Das Racist – <3 remind me of early de la soul or latryx. awesome, funny, funky, deep (and you'll only get it when you get high), re-inventing hip-hop one joke at a time

Funny Pictures at WalMart Blurple Nurple – i would never usually link to the people of walmart blog, which i consider to be a rather silly web addiction. but here not only the person amazes me, it's the background as well, what's on these shelves??? sick

Who Lives There: The Pyramid Atop Seattle’s Smith Tower – i absoluetly love the shot of the small kid playing the keyboard.

An App that Turns Your Twitter Feed into a Video Game – "An App that Turns Your Twitter Feed into a Video Game" looks cute

Tony Blair's sister-in-law converts to Islam – "It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy," she said in an interview today."

Parma fans protest lunchtime kick-off with sandwiches – "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sit on my couch and eat a sandwich in protest of this lame sandwich protest."

Was the WikiLeaks Founder Right to Walk From This Interview? [VIDEO] – "She inquired about the rape allegations made against him in Sweden but he threatened several times to walk when she brought the subject up. When she didn’t drop it completely, he removed his mic and walked away."

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog! – it really did

Christina Hendricks on an endless loop: The glorious GIF renaissance. – "Can a similar kind of love attach to outdated online formats, which briefly saturated our daily lives but can't be handled, sought out at garage sales, and proudly displayed on a shelf? In the case of the GIF, at least, the answer is yes. "

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