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online video killed the …

Baby Bob Marley – "take this, jesus" ok, so this is funny. but. they already have fucking tshirts???

Flash Mob Gone Wrong by Tom Scott, Ep 77 – "Tom talks about a flashmob gone very wrong."

Smigly: Noise – "The Power of Noise vs The Power of Now. Poor Smigly"

A LIFE ON FACEBOOK. – "The story of a man told through the facebook's interface."

Cee-Lo Sings 'Fox News' Version of 'F— You' on 'Colbert' (VIDEO) – "As this is a family show, we can't be dropping the F-bomb here," explained Stephen Colbert (who then used the word seconds later). He suggested "something positive" to replace the phrase. How about "Fox News"?"

ReBirth for iPad – "ReBirth, the legendary Techno Micro Composer, is on the iPad now! In this video ReBirth guru Kurt "Peff" Kurasaki gives us a walkthrough of the new iPad features, teaches beat-making Rebirth style, and shares his thoughts on the legacy of the app"

Hilarious own goal and team mate knockout – "How to score an own goal and K.O. a teammate in one go"

The best penalty kick ever – never celebrate too early

6 year old skateboarder Asher Bradshaw at Venice Beach Skatepark – "Asher skating on any given day in Venice." he is 6!

Last Leaf by OK Go – toast! stop motion!

Rent Is Too Damn High Autotuned Video – it is too damn high.

Don Draper vs. Samwell – What What (In the Butt) – "Don Draper Says 'What?'" Some of you thought it'd be funny to see a mash-up with the viral classic "What What (In The Butt)", so here I am giving the people what they want. :)"

schmooze and abuse

Ben Wilson – Chewing Gum Artist and Modern Day Womble – "Wilson seems to have only one objective in terms of the things that he wants to find – and that is gum. Chewing gum. For the last six years he has scoured the street of London with one thing of his mind – to transform the gum that the everyday folks leave behind in to art."

Amnesty: prosecute Bush for admitted waterboarding – "Under international law, anyone involved in torture must be brought to justice, and that does not exclude former President George W. Bush." do it!

Gorillaz Record New Album on an iPad – "I hope I’ll be making the first record on an iPad,” he told the NME. “I fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it, so I’ve made it a completely different type of record."

bleep podcast 006 mixed by allez-allez – krautrocky techno mix, loving it

CC licensed Dutch documentary on California and the subprime meltdown – "California Dreaming is a documentary broadcast on Dutch TV November 8. It portrays the consequences of a the subprime crisis and crumbling local government. You can download the doc in HD format with a CC license and reuse for your own purposes."

Damn You Auto Correct! – some good lols

Amazon regains senses, pulls pedophile how-to book – "It appears as though reason has won out at today as a how-to manual for pedophiles that sparked a furious protest yesterday has been pulled from company's virtual shelve"

the queen – and now befriend her on facebook 😉

Murdered Mexican women remembered in portrait show – "The exhibition, “400 Women” at Shoreditch Town Hall (12-28 November) includes portraits by 200 artists—including Tracey Emin, Paula Rego, Maggi Hambling, Gordon Cheung and Humphrey Ocean—of the countless women who have vanished or been murdered in the US border town of Ciudad Juárez in the past 15 years."

Cricket Has the World's Biggest Testicles -makes me wonder why my wife has chosen a cricket sound as her wake-up tone for the alarm on her iPhone.

God Watches Mad Men – "Spotted in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, otherwise known as the Center of the Universe."

This is easily the best thing to come out of last night’s Manchester derby snoozefest… – "Behold, the greatest image of the millennium!"

Return Of The Dreaded Vuvuzela – various ideas how to use the dreaded vuvuzelas post-wc Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film (9781606993637): Zack Carlson, Bryan Connolly: Books – "The most dazzlingly insane film reference book of all time, Destroy All Movies!!! is an informative, hilarious and impossibly complete guide to every appearance of a punk (or new waver!) to hit the screen in the 20th Century."

How to block Firesheep using BlackSheep – "Remember Firesheep, the extension that lets you take over other people's Facebook profiles? Well, an antidote's been created by a cloud security company called Zscaler. It's called BlackSheep."

Spanish neighborhood unveils 'Super Mario' street – "The future residents of a new Spanish neighborhood say they are the first in the world to name their street after the Super Mario video game character."

The Top Ten Best Worst Singing Rappers – "Dig back a little deeper though, and you'll find a vault of under-appreciated songs from rappers who pledged allegiance to singing quite horribly but to utterly entertaining effect. Here are ten of the most enjoyable worst."

Notes from the Piemonte Share festival – "Sunday was the day i wouldn't have missed for the world: i knew that neither Bruce Sterling nor Siegfried Zielinski would have disappointed the audience." i knew we went there the wrong weekend, dammit

Game theory explains why some content goes viral on Reddit, Digg – "It is not only the intrinsic value of a new technology (or other types of innovation) that makes it attractive. It is also the number of friends who have adopted it,"

Twitter Chatbot Debunks Climate Change Skeptics Without Tiring – "Debating climate change can get exhausting, especially when so much of the science is settled. So Nigel Leck, a software developer, created a Twitter chatbot, AI_AGW, to do it for him."

Spot The Fake Smile – "You got 16 out of 20 correct" and one was a missclick

BridgeURL – "Want an easy way to share a bunch of URLs? Simply list down all the URLs you want to share in the box below (one link per line, including http://) and we will create a single link to share."

I suppose I’d be jumpy too – "What I’d like to know is how do we know Lincoln isn’t facing forward and the others are facing backward?" i second that question

RockMelt – Your Browser. Re-imagined. Connect for an invitation. – "Your Browser. Re-imagined."

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