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online video killed the …

US Cop Stops German Tourist For Speeding – cop threatens german tourist he caught speeding, tells him he will be thrown to jail and his ass will be hurting for months.

Tenso – "Internet Scientist Patrick analyzes the composition, origins and variations of the Tenso meme."

Tevez Fists Rio in Sky HD – in super slow motion!

Für eine andere Welt – "Nie zuvor war der Geist der Revolte so stark und so verbreitet. Allein im Jahr 2009 wurden weltweit 524 Aufstände gezählt, und fast ein Drittel davon fand in Europa statt"

Out of Sight – "This is a graduation Production made by three students graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts."

Trumer Beer Machine – "we were able to recreate the brewing process in a new way" orly

Most Overused Line In Cinema: You Look Like Shit – stalone takes the cake, "*nervous laugh* in a ponytail"

Cat & Gator – "Cat protects people from vicious hungry alligator"

Coughs and Sneezes (1945) – "A government information film on how to avoid snotting all over your fellow citizens."

schmooze and abuse

Would You Drink Bacon Soda? – " Don't worry, it's vegetarian"

Warm halloumi and chicory with pomegranate and walnut recipe – "Salty cheese and bitter chicory combine with walnuts and sweet pomegranate to create a dish to remember" i feel like south park stan’s dad randy when i read ottolenghi’s recipes.

4chan Censors Itself – "The notorious message board 4chan's young founder has fashioned himself as a champion of extreme free speech on the Internet. But blatant censorship is occurring on 4chan right now, after its users attacked a target too close to home."

"If you touch my junk" TSA-themed cross-stitch by – the swiss would say, if you touch my junk, i'll have you deported.

▷ DJ Food – The Sound of Mu(sic) – "A hoax KLF 'soundtrack' to a fictional film perpetrated by Strictly Kev (DJ Food) and Mr Trick via a fake KLF website back in 2005. Full story here:" brilliant!

Why Don't We Finish More Video Games? – "With video games more expensive than ever, you would think that gamers would squeeze every last second of play out of them before moving on to the next adventure. But that's not always the case."

The real cost of free: a response – "Cory Doctorow and other advocates of giving work away for free as a promotional tool are defeatist about the future for creators" the cat fight continues…

Banksy Releases Packaging Designs For US DVD Release – "And for those who are asking, because of the incredible demand for it, the DVD extras do indeed include Thierry Guetta's LIFE REMOTE CONTROL (LAWYER’S EDIT)" yay

Tissot Reality – "Experience the Tissot Touch collection on your own wrist. All you need to activate is a webcam and the T wristband" right, so i stuck this on my wife’s biggest dildo, but it was half as funny than i thought…

How to Request a Refund on any iPhone App – "Wait… I want my money back?… is that even possible? Guess what folks, it sure is" just did that, gotta make them work a little for their moniz

South Park Sued for "Butt" Joke – "South Park producers are being sued, as the series is accused of ripping off a copyrighted music video. Remember What What (In the Butt)?""

GIRL TALK – ALL DAY – ILLEGAL ART – "This album is a free download. Girl Talk thanks all artists sampled. A full list will be posted in the future." best grab it on filesharing site as the illegal-art site seems overwhelmed.

Forks High School Students Suspended For Wearing Sex Pistols Shirts – "The next day, the students handed out Sex Pistols shirts to all that would wear them as a way of protesting what they felt was, at best, a lack of respect for a pioneering English punk band, or, at worst, a gross violation for their First Amendment rights.
It's not clear how many students were suspended. The school says around a dozen. The students say it was more like 25."

Secret papers reveal Nazis given 'safe haven' in US – "Agents from the Justice Department's Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations (OSI) found that war criminals "were indeed knowingly granted entry" to the US, even though government officials were aware of their pasts, the report concluded."

The ‘Path’ to Social Network Serenity Is Lined With 50 Friends
– "That led him to put a limit of fifty to one’s Path network, all of whom have consented to a reciprocal relationship. Thus posting on Path is not an act of broadcasting or self-promotion, but sharing a moment with someone who really knows you."

swiss focus

Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen – "San Keller beruft in der Kunst Halle ein «Exil-Parlament» ein, das sich aus 63 Künstlerinnen und Künstlern zusammensetzt und sich in drei Sitzungen mit den Traktanden befasst, die im St. Galler Stadtparlament zeitgleich behandelt werden. Das Exil-Parlament ist nicht nur während der Sitzungen für Besucher geöffnet, sondern auch zu den regulären Öffnungszeiten der Kunst Halle als Installation zugänglich. "

SVP: Wolf in der Schaf-Falle! – "SVP geht dem Juxtelefon auf den Leim. Rassimus. Nicht die Schafe, sondern die Menschen wollen wir rausschmeissen."

One year on the minaret ban still reverberates in Langenthal – "Twelve months after the vote, supporters of the minaret ban have announced plans to put up a memorial near the Muslim prayer hall, a building that at night looks more like a brightly-lit sports hall than a religious centre in an industrial zone on the edge of Langenthal." can we finally cut this part of switzerland out of the landscape?

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