revenge of the worms

a few months ago they started to demolish a huge garden center and the rows and rows of green houses behind it. this is happening close to our apartment here in biel in plain view from us.

a few weeks later the football (soccer) field across the street from the construction site gets infested by worms, to the point that the pitch becomes almost unplayable.

no one seems to make the connection.

swiss cup game fc biel – fc luzern was still played on the rough ground this past weekend, lower league fc biel won, probably helped to some extent by the uneven pitch, i even saw them train on the funky pitch the week before the game. but the week before that, huge panic. they even invited experts to fight the worms. the grass looked horrible. they spread out some brown goo. nothing seemed to help.

but my question is, where will the worms move next?

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