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Nowhere Near Here – "'Nowhere Near Here' is a stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and long exposure photography to tell the story of a dog running around the city at night, doing whatever a dog does. " very nice technique.

A Crude Awakening 2007 – this film is to peak oil what "an inconvenient truth" was to climate change. not new, but still worth a watch.

Coil – Windowpane – R.I.P. Sleazy

Rudra Trailer – "The Eye of Rudra is an 85 minute documentary about San Francisco underground "chaos culture"
and the tremendous effort, crazy chutzpah, and heroic foolishness it took to mount a one-time performance of an opera involving over 300 participants"

Charles Bronson Kills Hipsters – Charles Bronson's best movie you probably never heard of.

Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit – "Cage Rage. Montage of Nic freaking out" loud!!!!

Video of a flying snake – flying snake, no plane envolved

ERIC CANTONA "KILL THE BANKS" (A MUST SEE)! – "In the words of one of the worlds greatest soccer players of all time Eric Cantona, "Kill the Banks!"

schmooze and abuse

This Guy Crashed a Thanksgiving Party Because He Got an Accidental E-Mail Invite – "James West of Australia has been receiving e-mails from the Tran Family in Florida for years. One problem: he doesn't know the Trans because he's the wrong James West. However, this year, he's accepting their invitation and joining their Thanksgiving."

PC 'rebuilds Rome in a day' using pictures from Flickr – "3D models of famous landmarks such as Rome's Colosseum have been recreated using millions of pictures from photo-sharing websites such as Flickr."

R.I.P. Sleazy – "Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson, 55, in Thailand last night. His contributions to Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Psychic TV and Hipgnosis made him a major player in the realm of modern music"

The Golden Age of Gang Graffiti – "The original gangster graffiti of this period was of a purer form than that seen today, with much emphasis on artistic flourishes." via jon chester

Machine of Death » Announcing the free PDF download of MACHINE OF DEATH & the free podcast. – "Please find below the entirety of Machine of Death as a free, downloadable PDF"

Gamer Paid $15,000 to Play MMO on 7,500 Square Meter Screen – "There’s an overhead screen in Beijing that measures 250 meters long and 30 meters wide. On November 21st, one man rented it to play a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). He probably paid about $15,000 to do so"

Hurt Locker Makers Sue Lawyer Who Helped ‘BitTorrent’ Defendants – "Graham Syfert, the lawyer who offered self-help to alleged BitTorrent downloaders of films such as Far Cry and The Hurt Locker, has been sued by the makers of the latter movie”

Mobstr: “Playing with the buff man” – "Trying to find the acceptable shade of grey; playing with the buff man"

Nate Hill: “Punch Me Panda” – "Do you ever get so mad that you want to punch something? I’m here for you. My name is Punch Me Panda. If you find yourself frustrated, angry, or just had a bad day, I will come to your house, and you can punch me."

DJ Food – Sunday At Bundy’s mixtape – "I’ve just dug the master DAT for the DJ Food mixtape I compiled in the late 90’s out, cleaned it up and stuck both sides on Soundcloud" this is a fantastic dj mix that so far was only released on casette, yeh, remember those? (and i happen to own one ;]), you can now stream or download it on soundcloud.

Mashup Breakdown – Girl Talk – All Day – even better visualisation of girl talk – all day, lets you pick from 3 sources listing the meta information

GI Joe PSAs – "Internet Scientist Mike explains the origins and evolution of the classic GI Joe PSAs. "

oh no, #fauxho
"Alexa was apparently a married middle-aged guy named Pat, not a student at SFSU, had no formal training from which to be sharing "advice" (or naked photos!) with those teenagers online, and he was the "client" that "Alexa" had sent to her protégées to sleep with…"
I hate to tell you – "These contrary-to-fact phrases have been dubbed “but-heads,” because they’re at the head of the sentence, and usually followed by but."

Super Squirrel – "eBay user ni0vek offers this taxidermic squirrel changing into his superhero outfit."

Underwear Invention Protects Privacy At Airport – "It's a special kind of underwear – with a strategically placed fig leaf design – and a Colorado man says it'll get you through the airport screeners with your dignity intact."

Vegetarians are Evil – "vegetarianism is not just some harmless phobia exhibited by a few oddball left-wingers and unwashed granola munchers. It's a militant religion which is on the march. Why are vegans and vegetarians often militants and left wing protesters?"

Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick, Study Says – "City trees are becoming sick from wireless radiation from local area networks and mobile phones, according to a European study."

Eric Cantona's call for bank protest sparks online campaign – "Thousands of French protesters have taken up the former Man United footballer's call for a mass cash withdrawal"

Girl Talk – All Day samples. – real time sample visualisation of girl talk – all day

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